What Is A Point In Tennis?

What Is A Point In Tennis

A “point” in tennis is the smallest division of scoring in a tennis match. It can be thought of as one round of volleying between opponents. There are many different ways to win a point in tennis. Read on to learn more about how points are scored in tennis and how to keep track of the score.

Ways to Win a Point in Tennis

There are a number of ways to win a point in tennis, and some of them can even happen on the serve before the ball is returned. For example, if the server messes up by missing the service box or by not getting the ball over the net (known as a “fault”), they get a second chance. But if they mess up again, the receiver automatically gets a point.

Once a legal serve is made, the game continues with the players volleying the ball over the net. Most points are scored when a player misses a volley and their opponent gets a point. However, if a player hits the ball out of the court or doesn’t get it over the net, their opponent also gets a point. In addition, if you intentionally hit the ball twice in a row or hit the ball with anything that isn’t your racket, your opponent will get a point.

Keeping Score in Tennis

In tennis, points aren’t counted by ones. Instead, each point has special numbers or names associated with them. Below is a table that describes how to talk about tennis scoring-lingo.

0 Points“Love”
1 Point“15”
2 Points“30”
3 Points“40”
A Tied Score“All”
A Tied Score at “40-40”“Deuce”

So, if you have three points and your opponent doesn’t have any, the score is “40-Love,” in your favor. If both of you have one point, the score is “15-All.”

Games, Sets, and Matches

A round of tennis played between two players or teams is known as a match. Matches are made up of sets, which themselves are made up of a series of games.

To win a single game, a player must score at least four “points.” Games are “win-by-two”, meaning that if the score reaches 40-40, you need to win two consecutive points to win that game.

There are two types of sets. In “advantage” sets, the first player to win six games wins the set, but they must win by two games. This means that a score of 6-4 will win a set, but a score of 6-5 won’t. In the latter situation, the player with six games won will need to reach 7-5 to win that set. In “tie break” sets, the first person to win six games also wins the set. However, if the set reaches a score of 6-6, a single tie-breaking game is played, meaning that these sets are not always “win-by-two.”

There are many different match configurations, but the most popular way to play a tennis match is a best-of-three match, meaning that the first person to win two sets will win the match. That means winning at least twelve games to win a match.


How do you score points in tennis?

To score a point in tennis, your opponent must be unsuccessful in returning the ball legally to your side of the court. Most points are scored when a player is unable to reach the ball to successfully make a return or when a shot is hit out of bounds. Points can also be won on the serve. An ace is when the returner is unable to return the serve successfully, resulting in a point for the server. A double fault results in a point for the returner when the server makes two consecutive faults when attempting to serve.