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What Is An NTRP Tennis Rating?

What Is An NTRP Tennis Rating

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) uses the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) to analyze the skill of different players and determine what competition they will face during USTA league play, which affects rankings. The NTRP starts at 1 and goes up in intervals of .5 for adults and intervals of .1 for junior competitors, with a 7 being the highest a person can be rated.

Check out the breakdown of rankings below:

6-6.5National Competitor
7World Class Competitor


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How do I get an NTRP rating?

When first competing in an NTRP sanctioned event, a player will self-rank themselves. If you have played competitive racket sports before, it is recommended you self-rank no lower than a 3.0. After your matches, your ranking will be adjusted based on your play. One's rating is derived out of a player's match results in an official UTSA league or tournament.

For junior players, the ratings are calculated every night. An updated list of the ratings for junior players appears every two weeks for public view. Adult year-end ratings are published each December and designate which level competitors must play at during the following year.


Male and Female Ratings

Junior ratings rank both boys and girls on the same scale. In terms of ratings, a 4.0-rated boy and 4.0-rated girl would have an equal chance to win a match against each other.

In adults, the ratings are adjusted slightly, as men and women are judged on different rating charts. The difference is not huge, but it is large enough to matter in competitive play. In general, a woman rated 4.0 would be equal to a man rated 3.5.


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