What Is A National Tennis Ranking?

What Is A National Tennis Ranking

The NTRP, or National Tennis Rating Program, is the system used for determining the levels of competition for the USTA League Programs. Whether one is competitive or merely plays for fun, they will know how they fall based on the scale. The rating system helps common individuals and professionals decide what quality racquet will suit their needs as a player best. The program's purpose is to make sure that matches are played between two compatible opponents.

NTR 1.5

This player has limited experience.

NTR 2.0

This player needs on-court experience, but is familiar with the basic rules and movements.

NTR 2.5

This player is still learning to judge where the ball is going and can maintain a short volley back and forth.


This player is consistent when striking medium paced shots, but needs to learn how to hit and return various strokes that come their way.

NTR 3.5

This player has achieved directional control on moderate shots, but still lacks depth and variety around the court.

NTR 4.5

This player has dependable strokes, but often makes careless service errors.


This player has started to master the use of power and spins and is beginning to handle pace, has good footwork, can control the depth of numerous shots, and is beginning to vary how they play. However, accuracy and power must be fine-tuned.

NTR 5.5

This player has a good shot anticipation and has frequent outstanding shots or attributes around which a game may be structured. However, careless mistakes on lobs and drop shots occur.


This player has a consistent play type and knows how to enhance their game based on the opponent. The 6.0-player typically is a junior player or collegiate player.


The 7.0 ranked player is a world class player.