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What Is A Match In Tennis?

What Is A Match In Tennis

A match in tennis encompasses all of the scoring aspects of tennis. A match is made up of games and sets, the latter of which makes up games. Before getting into more detail about what exactly a tennis match is, we need to cover some background information about the sport.

The objective of tennis is to score points by hitting the ball over a net in the middle of a two-sided court. You score points by having the ball bounce in-bounds on your opponent's side of the court twice, or by having your opponent strike the ball out of bounds.

Scoring in Tennis

scoring in tennis

In tennis, you must score 4 points to win a round. However, the scoring system is a bit more complicated than just '4 points'. Here is how scoring works in Tennis:

General TerminologyTennis Terminology
0 pointsLove
1 point15
2 points30
3 points40
Score is TiedAll
Score is tied at 40Deuce

When the score is tied at Deuce, a player must win two points in a row to win the round. If the score is not at Deuce, the first to 5 points wins (since there is no official number score that comes after 40).

Match Organization

There are three parts to a Tennis game: game, set, and match. In Tennis, you want to score points (as mentioned above) to win a game. After you have won enough games, you win the set. After you've won enough sets, you win the match, which is the main objective.

A game is pretty easy to understand as it's what you commonly see. First player to 5 points wins, or first to score to consecutive points at Deuce wins.

A set is a bit more complicated. There are two kinds of sets, which are made up of individual games. An advantage set is a set in which a player must win 6 games. To win an advantage set, a player must win by at least two games. In a tiebreak set, players win by winning 6 games. If the score reaches 5-5, the players play two more games. If the score remains tied at 6-6, a tiebreaker game will determine the winner. And finally addressing the question at hand, a match is made up of multiple sets, usually 3.