What Is A Hard Court In Tennis?

What Is A Hard Court In Tennis

There are multiple different types of tennis courts that are home to the various professional tennis tournaments: hard courts, clay courts, grass courts, and carpet (synthetic turf courts). However, hard courts are the most common courts that tennis players and the common individual are to play on.

Characteristics of a Hard Court

  • The court is composed of a hard based substance, like concrete or asphalt covered with an acrylic surface layer.
  • Hard courts can often be found at a typical tennis court, gym, or school.
  • Hard courts are seen as a middle ground: Faster than clay courts but slower than a grass court; when the ball bounces, it more often goes in the direction the player wants it to.
  • Hard courts are rigid and absorb shock.

Shoes to Wear


The shoes for hard court tennis players are usually made to be more durable, since the surface these athletes play on is far more abrasive than that of a grass or clay court. More cushion is found in these shoes, which allows the player to receive less of the shock from the playing surface. Although hard court shoes can be slippery at times, they are easy to maneuver in and light on the feet.