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What Is Grip Tape In Tennis?

tennis Grip Tape

Grip tape is an accessory that many tennis players choose to put on their rackets. The accessory enhances one's game by providing extra cushion and grip. The tape is applied to the handle of the racket, where a player would hold it. Nearly every tennis racket that is sold comes with grip tape already on it, but many players choose to add an additional wrap (overgrip) or take off the grip and put their own on (replacement grip).

Types of Grip Tape

In tennis, many players use grip tape to get a better grasp on their racket. There are two types of grips: overgrips and replacement grips. Overgrips are fairly thin and are placed over the grip that comes on the racket. Overgrips are usually used to provide specific grip features. Meanwhile, replacement grips are applied directly to the handle of the racket. A replacement grip is much thicker than an overgrip and provides cushion to the player that was not present in the original grip.

When to Change Grip Tape

Every player is a little bit different when it comes to changing grips. How often they change their grip tape depends on numerous factors, such as how tightly one grips their racket, hand texture, and the quality of the grip. Generally, it is recommended that overgrips should be replaced every 3 to 6 hours of play. Replacement grips can be applied to the racket every 2 to 3 months.


What is grip tape?

Grip tape is a type of tape that can be used for a number of situations in a number of sports. Grip tape is wrapped around something (usually a bat or racket) to help the player hold on.

Why do tennis players utilize grip tape?

To ensure they have a solid hold on their racket and avoid the racket from sliding around in their hands.

Where does grip tape go in tennis?

The grip tape is put around the lower part (handle) of a tennis racket.

Do professional tennis players use grip tape?

Yes the majority of professional players use grip tape.