What Is A First Serve In Tennis?

A first serve in tennis occurs to begin every point within the match. An athlete has two chances to serve the ball into play, and their first attempt is called their first serve.

The player who is serving stands on one end of their side of the court and their serve must land inside the service box on the other side diagonal from where they are standing. The player can hit their serve any way they want to, but the vast majority of tennis players prefer to serve with an overhand shot. They do this because the overhand shot creates more power and speed on the ball, making it harder for the other player to return the serve. If the serve is returned, play continues as normal, but if the other player fails to return the serve, that is known as an ace.

First Serve Faults

A first serve must land inside the service box diagonal from where the server is standing. However, it is possible for the first serve to land outside the box, out of bounds, or hit the net. If any of these things happen, the server is allowed to hit what is known as a second serve. A second serve is typically hit with less power than a first serve to ensure that the ball lands within the correct service box. This is because if a second serve lands in the wrong place, the server loses the point. It is very important to get your first serve in the box so you do not have to worry about the second serve, and tennis players work to perfect their serves to avoid these issues.