What Is The Dress Code For Tennis?

What Is The Dress Code For Tennis

Generally, there is not a strict dress code for tennis matches, though it often depends on the tournament or location. However, there are certain guidelines for dressing on the tennis court, and you will likely be more comfortable playing if you follow them. Keep reading to learn about men’s and women’s dress codes in tennis.

Tennis Dress Code

Tennis Dress

For the most part, players are simply required to wear a shirt, some kind of pants, shorts, or skirt, and tennis shoes. Wearing light clothing or clothing that keeps players cool while playing is also important. You do not want to get overheated or have sweat dripping onto your hands during a match.

Men’s Tennis Dress Code

In both recreational and professional tennis, men usually wear some combination of shorts, shirt, headwear, and tennis shoes. For headwear, men will typically wear either a headband, hat, or visor to keep sun and sweat away from their eyes. While not required to do so, some men’s tennis players will wear collared shirts. Gym shorts are the preferred choice of bottoms for many men’s tennis players.

Women’s Tennis Dress Code

In both recreation and professional tennis, women usually wear either a dress or a breathable top and skirt. However, the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) announced in 2019 that leggings or compression shorts that reach the mid thigh may also be worn in lieu of a skirt. Women may also wear headbands, hats, and visors to protect their eyes from sweat and the sun.

Professional Tennis Dress Code

Professional players will wear uniforms created by their apparel sponsors. Serena Williams is sponsored by Nike, so she will only wear specialized tennis uniforms made by Nike while competing. Famously, Williams is experimental with her clothing, as she tends to wear colorful and flamboyant clothing. Though it was not against the rules, tennis purists were angry with Williams at the US Open when she threw out the traditional shirt and skirt and instead wore a full bodysuit during a match.

Wimbledon Dress Code

Tennis Dress Codes

The Wimbledon tennis tournament, taking place in England, is the only Grand Slam tennis tournament with a stricter dress code than “tennis attire.” At Wimbledon, one strict rule prevails over others: players must wear white. Every piece of a player’s uniform must be white; their shirt, their bottoms, their socks, even accessories like headbands must be white. Shoes not only have to be white, but cannot have large logos. Even warm-up gear and underwear has to be white while playing on the famous British grass courts.


What is the dress code for a tennis tournament?

Most tennis tournaments require participants to wear professional tennis attire. This is typically enforced to mean clothing that is designed for playing tennis. T-shirts, casual wear, or general workout wear are not permitted. Some tournaments have even stricter rules, such as Wimbledon requiring players to wear white clothing.

What is traditional tennis attire?

Both men and women traditionally wear a polo shirt with a collar, though women are also now permitted to wear tank tops. Men traditionally wear shorts and women traditionally wear tennis skirts, although many women now also wear shorts.