What Does Bagel Mean In Tennis?

A bagel in tennis is when one opponent beats the other 6-0 in a set. This could happen in any level of tennis. It could also happen during any of the sets in a tennis match. In order to get a bagel, a player needs to win every game in a set.

Sometimes a bagel in tennis is confused with someone winning each set in a match and winning a tennis match, 3-0 or 5-0, depending on the match. That is actually less rare, because a player could win each set but lose games within a set.

Double Bagels and Triple Bagels

Double bagels occur when a player beats their opponents 6-0 in two consecutive sets. This is even rarer than a bagel, which will occasionally occur at major tennis tournaments. As the name suggests, triple bagels are when a player beats their opponent 6-0 in three consecutive sets. This is even rarer, especially because this would only be possible during the best-of-five sets that are typically only used for men’s singles Grand Slam matches.


Does the player who got a bagel win the match?

Usually the player who gets a bagel in tennis will end up winning more sets and eventually the match. However, there is still the possibility that the person who gets shut out in an earlier set ends up winning a match. These comebacks are not very common but can make for an entertaining match.

What is a golden set bagel?

A golden set bagel is when someone wins each game in a set and wins each point in each game. Even though this is technically a type of bagel, most people refer to this instance as simply a golden set. Golden sets are even rarer than traditional bagels and will likely never be seen during a major professional match.