What is The Ad Court In Tennis?

What Is The Ad Court In Tennis

The tennis court is a fairly simple field of play, but many people are unaware that the different parts of the court have unique names, and that these names correspond to unique functions they perform during a tennis match. One of these parts of the tennis court is called the “ad court.” What exactly is the ad court in tennis? What is it used for? Below, we will go through the location, purpose, and uses of the ad court in tennis.

Where Is the Ad Court in Tennis?

tennis ad court

In tennis, the ad court is defined as the left side of the court when divided by the center baseline. This is dependent on each player’s orientation to the net. When a player is facing the net, the side of the court on their side of the net and directly to their left is their ad court, and vice versa for the other player. The right side of the court is known as the “deuce” court.

How Is the Ad Court Used In Tennis Matches?

If a player were serving from the ad court, they would be standing to the left of the center mark, behind the baseline. The player would serve across their side diagonally into the other player’s ad court. When a player is serving the ball, and the score is an advantage-in or advantage-out, they will always be serving from the ad court, hence the name. Players always begin serving on the deuce side of the court before moving to the ad court. When you are on an odd number of points played, you will be on the ad side. However, if you are at an even number of points played, you will be on the deuce side.


Why is it called the ad court?

The ad court’s name comes from the way it functions in a tennis match. Whenever players are in a deuce, and serving for deuce points, the point begins in the deuce court, whereas ad points begin in the ad court.