What Equipment Do You Need for Tennis?

What Equipment Do You Need For Tennis

There's a variety of gear that you need to be a successful tennis player. These are some of the most important pieces of your kit:

  • Racket
  • Strings
  • Balls
  • Grips


It's no surprise that the most important piece of equipment in tennis is a racket. Dimensions of a racket like it's weight, height, and length will change based on your age and skill level. Beginners should consider buying an aluminum, pre-strung racket because it will be lightweight and typically inexpensive.


Tennis racket strings come in surprising variety. An open pattern provides more power but makes for less control and a shorter string lifespan. On the other hand, a closed pattern allows for more control but doesn't produce as much power on your swing. String patterns can also have a large effect on ball spin. A wider pattern creates more opportunity for a sharp topspin.


You can't play a game without a ball! While this may seem like the simplest piece of equipment for a match, modern tennis balls come in a great variety. There are often differences in things like ball pressure or the components of its core. It's common for each player to have their own personal preference of which ball to use so it can be smart to find this out before attending a tournament of any kind.


There are two standard kinds of racket grips: leather and synthetic. Many professional players prefer a leather grip because of its longevity and the ability to feel the angles of the handle through the material as they play. However, these do add weight to your racket and are more expensive, so synthetic grips have also become very popular. These allow for a softer, more custom grip.