What Are The Types Of Tennis Courts?

Types Of Tennis Courts

Tennis is generally played on four different types of courts. There are grass courts, clay courts, hard surface courts, and carpet (synthetic or indoor) courts. Each type of court presents different advantages and challenges.

Grass Courts

grass tennis court

A grass tennis court presents many pros and cons. When playing on a grass court the ball typically skips fast and low. When the grass is freshly cut, the ball bounces true and is somewhat predictable. The grass is hard to grip and can be very slippery for players.

Clay Courts

clay tennis court

Clay courts offer the slowest game speed. The clay slows down the speed of the ball and causes high bounces. Further, players can slide on the clay when hitting the ball. There are also multiple types of clay courts. There is red clay, green clay, blue clay, and gray clay. The only difference between the clays are the materials used in making them.

Hard Courts

hard tennis court

Hard courts are very fast and consistent courts. Players will know what to expect, just about every hardcourt plays the same way. These courts are known for creating shorter rallies and giving an advantage to hard servers.

Carpet Courts

carpet tennis court

A carpet court, also known as synthetic courts or indoor courts, are not used professionally, but are popular for beginners. A carpet court is consistent and is not too fast or too slow.