What Are The Quarterfinals In Tennis?

What Are The Quarter Finals In Tennis

Quarter-finals are the third to last round of a tennis tournament. Quarter-final games are usually single-elimination, meaning once a competitor loses a quarter-final match, they are eliminated from the tournament. This round of games may also be known as the Round of 8, as there are 8 competitors left in the tournament when the quarterfinals take place.

Four matches take place in the quarter-finals, each being played between two competitors. The four winners of each match move on to compete in the semi-finals, which then lead to the finals. Different tournaments may have different numbers of rounds, but each of the five major tennis tournaments have seven rounds, so the quarter-finals constitute the fifth round of those tournaments.

Reaching the quarter-finals in a tennis tournament can be very difficult, even for highly-ranked professionals.


Which tennis player has reached the most Grand Slam quarter-finals?

In men’s tennis, Roger Federer has reached the most Grand Slam quarter-finals rounds with 57 appearances. He also has the most Grand Slam semi-finals and finals appearances, as well as overall wins. In women’s tennis, Chris Evert has the most quarter-final appearances at 54. Additionally, she leads in Grand Slam semi-finals and finals appearances.