What Are The Quarterfinals In Tennis?

Quarter-finals are the third to last round of a tennis tournament. Quarter-final games are usually single-elimination, meaning a competitor is eliminated from the tournament once they lose a quarter-final match. This round of games may also be known as the Round of 8, as there are eight competitors left in the tournament when the quarterfinals take place.

Quarterfinal Round

Four matches take place in the quarter-finals, each being played between two competitors. The four winners of each match move on to compete in the semi-finals, which then lead to the finals. Different tournaments may have different numbers of rounds, but each of the five major tennis tournaments have seven rounds, so the quarter-finals constitute the fifth round of those tournaments.


Which tennis player has reached the most Grand Slam quarter-finals?

In men’s tennis, Roger Federer has reached the most Grand Slam quarter-finals rounds with 58 appearances. He also has the most Grand Slam semi-finals appearances. In women’s tennis, Chris Evert and Serena Williams hold the record for most quarter-final appearances, with 54 each. Additionally, Evert leads in Grand Slam semi-finals and finals appearances. 

What comes after quarterfinals in tennis?

After the quarterfinal round has taken place, the next round to be played is the semifinals. The semifinals feature the four winners of the quarterfinal matches. The winners of the two semifinal matches move on to the final round, also known as the championship.