What Are Group Tennis Lessons?

What Are Group Tennis Lessons

Group tennis lessons are an extremely effective and cost efficient method for those learning to play or enhance their tennis game. Due to the expensive nature of tennis lessons, splitting the costs with your friends or even random people can cut those costs dramatically.

Group Tennis Drills

Group tennis lessons provide an opportunity for players to socialize with one another while also learning tennis. Instructors use drills in which all the group members are constantly moving and getting involved. Drills such as the 5 shot drill in which a player hits a forehand and backhand from the baseline, then an approach shot, volley, and lastly an overhead slam, are extremely common in group lessons. Drills like this allow for everyone to get involved and work on a wide variety of skills.

Towards the second half of the lesson, instructors introduce points and games in which group members get to compete against one another. Games like king of the court where one player stands on one side while the rest try to dethrone them as king by beating them in two consecutive points are favorites among groups.

Group Lesson Costs

Lesson prices vary depending on where they are being taken and with whom. Generally speaking however, lessons in a group format can range from $25 to $100 per person. Price isn't always indicative of how good the instructor is however because if you are taking a lesson at a tennis club, the instructors don't set the prices of the lessons, the clubs do. Therefore, a club may just have very high prices but not great instructors. Before paying for a lesson, you should read reviews of the instructor to ensure they are a good teacher.