What Are The Best Tennis Workouts?

What Are The Best Tennis Workouts

Tennis is a difficult sport to get the hang of. While the pros make it look like it is extremely easy, tennis is a sport that truly pushes your body to the limit. Focusing on just racket technique is not how you get to the next level, it is important to follow numerous fitness exercises as well in order to improve your game. Exercises like planks, lateral lunges, medicine ball slams, and plyometric lunges can help to greatly improve your tennis game.


Your core will transfer forces from the ground up to your arm, and ultimately your racket. A weak core means you will not have a lot of power, and you will also risk injuries. Therefore, a plank is a necessary workout to perform and to stay in shape for tennis. The plank is a simple method to improve your core strength, as all you need to do is get on the ground on your elbows and toes. You need to hold your body up completely straight, and see how long you can go while keeping good form and not dropping to the ground.

Lateral Lunge

Lateral lunges help improve lateral mobility and quickness, which is a crucial skill to have in tennis. To perform this workout, you step to your side, and lower your hips by squatting back and down with your lead leg, making sure your other leg is straight. Return to your starting position by pushing with your lead leg, and then repeat with your other leg.

Medicine Ball Overhead Slam

This is an exercise that builds explosive power in the upper body, which is vital in order to play tennis to the best of your ability. To perform this workout you need to stand in an athletic position while holding a med ball. Bring the ball up straight in front of you and above your head. Squeezing your core, throw the ball downward to the ground.

Plyometric Lunges

This workout is used to increase explosive power. This is an example of an ordinary lunge taken to the next level of higher intensity. This exercise will not only increase your power, but it will allow you to also develop muscular endurance which will help improve your overall bodily control and coordination.