What Do Ad And Advantage Mean In Tennis?

While watching a tennis match, you may have heard a commentator or the chair umpire say that a player has the advantage when announcing the score. Ad is another word for the same concept. Keep reading to find out what ad and advantage mean in tennis and how scoring works in advantage situations.

What Does Ad Mean in Tennis?

A tennis advantage, or an ad in tennis, is earned when a player or team is one point away from winning a game. If a player loses the point whilst holding an advantage, the game returns to a deuce.

When a player or team scores a point when the game is in a deuce, that player or team is said to have the advantage. For example, if Player A scores a point during the deuce, and Player B is serving, the announcer may say: “Player B to serve, advantage Player A” or “Player A’s ad.” Both these phrases would signify that Player A has the advantage, so Player A can win the game on this point.

What Is the Difference Between Ad and Advantage?

In tennis, there is no difference in meaning between the terms “ad” and “advantage.” In fact, ad is just a shortened form of the word advantage. Both terms are used interchangeably. In a tennis match, if both players or teams are tied at the end of a game (deuce) or in a 40-40 deadlock, then the game is decided by whoever scores when holding the ad or advantage.

Possible Advantage Scenarios

When a player or team has the advantage, then they have the opportunity to win the game during the next point. If a player or team has the ad and wins the point, then they win that game. However, if the player or team has the ad and loses the point, then the game goes into a deuce again, and neither competitor has the advantage. In fact, the player or team that wins the next point then claims the advantage going into the following serve, giving that player or team a chance to win the game.


What is ad in tennis?

In tennis, an advantage occurs when a player or team was just tied with their opponent but is now one point away from winning. If the score of a game is in a deuce, the ad goes to whichever player or team scores, and they are now one point from winning. However, if the player or team with the advantage loses the point, they go back to a deuce score.

What is the difference between ad and advantage in tennis?

In tennis, ad and advantage are interchangeable terms for a player being one point away from winning a game. This happens after a point is scored in a deuce. Both terms are commonly used by tennis players and commentators. However, chair umpires will typically use the full word “advantage” when announcing a score.