Tennis Socks

Tennis Socks

There are many important pieces of apparel that are worn by tennis players, including shorts, shirts, shoes, hats, and socks. Tennis socks are an item that recreational and professional players should own because they allow players to feel comfortable, avoid blisters, and keep their feet dry on the court. Coming in various different sizes, brands, materials, and styles, there are many types of socks for players to choose from.

Benefits of Tennis Socks

Tennis socks are an essential piece of equipment that are worn for the support, comfort, and cushioning they provide to players when out on the court. They come in several different types, such as crew, quarter length, or no-show, so anyone can find a type that is comfortable and fits them well.

Tennis socks are usually made from fabrics such as cotton, polyester, spandex, and nylon. Many brands also have materials with sweat-wicking properties to keep players’ feet dry when playing. Tennis socks also come in different sizes among men, women, and youth players. They are typically sold in packs with two or more pairs of socks that sell for about $5 to $15 per pair. These socks are also important to wear because they play a large role in your performance, and wearing a pair could prevent blisters while keeping your feet comfortable. 

Things to Consider

When looking for tennis socks, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What length socks do you prefer
  • What size socks do you need?
  • How much do you want to spend on tennis socks?
  • How much cushioning do you want?

What Are You Looking For in Tennis Socks?

  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Adult size
  • Youth size


The three most common types of tennis socks purchased are no-show, quarter, and crew socks.


Tennis No Show Socks

No-show socks are a great type of tennis sock available for those who are frequent tennis players. Typically a similar price point to other types of socks, these range between $5 to $10 per pair. Additionally, no-show socks come in youth, men’s, and women’s sizes; they also have many colors and varying quantities available that usually have multiple pairs in each pack. These socks are also made of materials such as polyester, spandex, and nylon, which are highly durable and tend to last players a long time.


Tennis Quarter Socks

Quarter socks are another type of tennis socks that players enjoy wearing both professionally or recreationally. This type of socks are in between crew and no-show socks and decrease players’ chances of blisters, similar to other types of tennis socks. These tennis socks are slightly less expensive than no-show socks and are also highly durable.  Similar to other types of tennis socks, quarter socks come in a variety of sizes and colors for men, women, and youth alike. 


Tennis Crew Socks

Crew socks are usually the most popular type of tennis socks, especially for male professional tennis players. This is due to their ability to provide extra coverage, support, and protection from dirt and debris. This style is also more flattering and fashionable in the eyes of most male players. Crew socks are slightly more expensive than quarter-length tennis socks, ranging between $5 and $15 for a pair. Additionally, they are highly durable and come in many styles, colors, and sizes. 


The three most popular brands for tennis socks are Adidas, Nike, and Fila.


Adidas produces many styles and types of tennis socks for customers to wear when playing tennis recreationally or professionally. Their socks are available in many sizes, are cushioned well, and provide support for players’ performance on the court. Additionally, their tennis socks have shock-absorbing properties, moisture-wicking fabric to keep your feet dry, and are made of lightweight materials that are perfect for high-performance activity.


Nike also creates many different styles and types of tennis socks. Many professional players wear this brand’s socks on the court due to their added comfort and support. Made of cotton, polyester, and spandex, these socks are typically lightweight and have Dri-Fit technology, which wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry and cool. Additionally, Nike tennis socks come in many sizes and quantities for men, women, and youth players.


Fila is a popular tennis apparel brand, and their socks are commonly worn among tennis players. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and quantities per package, their socks are highly durable. The majority of their socks are also designed to wick away moisture, are lightweight, and have breathable properties. Fila socks are made from several different materials that contribute to their socks’ high-quality performance on the court, making them a popular brand among many players.


How much do tennis socks cost?

Tennis socks can vary widely in price for several reasons, but they typically cost between $3 and $15 for one pair of socks. Depending on the type, quality, material, brand, and the quantity purchased, they can range in price. Buying multiple pairs at once, packaged together, will lower the unit price. However, customers can expect to pay around $5 to $10 for a single pair of tennis socks. 

What length socks do professional tennis players usually wear?

The majority of professional tennis players wear crew socks while playing tennis. Crew socks are considered an industry-standard amongst professional tennis players, largely due to the style and benefits they have to offer. They usually run between 6 and 8 inches above the shoe line and are a great option when playing in cooler temperatures or seeking protection from dirt and debris. 

Why do some tennis players wear multiple pairs of socks at once?

Some tennis players wear multiple pairs of socks at once for a few reasons. One major reason would be to ensure that their feet stay warm and comfortable in colder playing conditions. However, more commonly, this method is used to prevent blisters. Adding a second pair of socks can also provide extra support, cushioning, and reduce the chances of jamming their toes into the sides and front of the shoe.