Tennis Shirts

Tennis Shirt

Tennis shirts are one of the most important pieces of apparel worn when practicing or playing competitively in the sport. They are worn because of their moisture-wicking properties and lightweight designs that allow players to be comfortable and cool while playing. Manufactured by many activewear brands, they come in a large variety of styles, types, colors, sizes, and materials for players to choose from.

Benefits of Tennis Shirts

Tennis shirts are a must have for tennis players because the breathable, lightweight fabric and moisture-wicking technology allow for players to be comfortable and play without any distractions or discomfort. The materials vary depending on the manufacturer, but the most common materials include polyester, cotton, and synthetic fabrics, ideal for any type of weather that players may encounter.

Tennis shirts have several different types, such as tank tops, athletic t-shirts, and polo shirts, which each have specific qualities that may benefit different players. Typically sold by the majority of activewear brands that sell sports apparel, this piece of equipment is easily accessible to many, with the prices ranging between $20 and $60 depending on the brand. 

Things to Consider

When looking for tennis shirts, you'll want to consider the following:

  • Where do you normally play tennis?
  • What shirt size do you wear?
  • Do you tend to overheat while playing tennis?

What Are You Looking For in a Tennis Shirt?

  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Adult size
  • Youth size


The three most popular types of tennis shirts that both men and women wear include tank tops, athletic t-shirts, and polo shirts.

Tank Top Tennis Shirts

Tennis Tank Top

Tank top tennis shirts can be worn by both men and women and are sold by the majority of athletic apparel websites that sell tennis activewear. Made of breathable and lightweight materials, this type of shirt allows for an unlimited range of motion, is typically very durable, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors like other tennis shirts. 


  • Made from lightweight and breathable materials
  • Allows for an unlimited range of motion
  • Wide variety of sizes, colors, styles, and materials


  • More options and styles available for women than men
  • Little protection from the sun or other elements

Athletic Tennis Shirts

Tennis Athletic Shirt

Athletic tennis shirts are another popular type of tennis shirt that is made to maintain athletic performance by having moisture-wicking properties. This keeps players comfortable when playing and helps avoid overheating. Made of materials such as cotton or polyester with a large variety of sizes and colors available for both men and women, many players favor this type of shirt’s comfort, breathability, and lightweight design.


  • Many colors and styles to choose from
  • Lightweight and breathable properties


  • Typically short sleeve and have a looser fit

Polo Tennis Shirts

Tennis Polo Shirt

Polo tennis shirts are more typically worn by men and are known for their short-sleeved classic-fit shirts with two or three buttons and a collar. Sold by the majority of activewear brands that sell tennis apparel, there is a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles that sell polo tennis shirts. These shirts are also slightly more expensive than tank tops or athletic shirts because of the more durable fabric.


  • Durable and high-quality fabric
  • Can be worn when practicing and playing competitively
  • More professional look


  • Great variety of options available for men rather than women
  • More expensive


There are many different brands that carry tennis apparel, but Lacoste, Nike, and Uniqlo are three of the top options on the market.


Lacoste carries a variety of different tennis shirts ranging from t-shirts, polos, tank tops, and dresses. The majority of their products have ultra-dry and breathable properties from their cotton and polyester fabrics, which are great when practicing and playing the sport. Although their shirts are typically more expensive, the quality is well worth their price points. 


Nike manufactures many types of tennis shirts for both men and women to wear. At a slightly higher price point, their shirts are high-quality and typically made with moisture-wicking fabric. Nike also has a product line with shirts that are made of sustainable materials. With a wide variety of colors, types, and sizes available, there are many options of tennis shirts for customers to choose from. 


Uniqlo has a well-curated selection of tennis shirts and apparel. Known for their high-quality, ultra-absorbent, and sweat-wicking fabric with antimicrobial properties, players stay comfortable and fresh no matter what the weather is like. Additionally, famous tennis players like Roger Federer and Kei Nishikori enjoy wearing Uniqlo’s tennis shirts due to their high-performance technology and durability. 


What type of shirts do professional tennis players wear?

Professional male tennis players typically wear crew neck athletic short sleeves or polo shirts, while professional women tennis players usually wear athletic tank tops. Fancier clubs and most tournaments require males to wear polo athletic shirts for a more traditional look. The lightweight and breathable materials in the shirts that professional tennis players wear allow them to stay cool during a match, allowing for better performance. 

What do moisture-wicking tennis shirts do?

Moisture-wicking tennis shirts are worn to quickly move sweat to the outer surface of the shirt and then rapidly dry it so that the sweat doesn't keep the fabric saturated. This quality is typical of tennis shirts and is important for most athletes playing the sport because it allows for breathability and comfort when performing.  

How much do tennis shirts cost?

Tennis shirts range in price points depending on the material, brand, and type. Typically, they cost anywhere between $20 and $60, where brands like Nike and Lacoste tend to be more on the expensive side, sometimes being as high as near $100. Additionally, tennis shirts are generally the same price point for both men and women. They also frequently cost around the same price as tennis shorts.