List of Tennis Skills

List of Tennis Skills

There are several skills in tennis that are beneficial to having a good game. A mix of mental and physical skills are required for successful players. Below are some of those important skills.

List of Tennis Skills

  • Footwork
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Strategy
  • Ball Judgement
  • Returning the Ball
  • Lob
  • Slice
  • Serve
  • Groundstroke
  • Volley


A skill that focuses on being able to get to the ball quickly and accurately. This skill is critical to hitting precise and hard shots. Having good footwork will improve a player's game immensely.


This skill is important to be able to easily retrieve and return balls. Without this it will make it more difficult and uncomfortable to return shots.


A skill that is important to be able to play throughout a match. Having good endurance will result in the ability to outlast the opponent and have a strong game throughout the match.


A skill that is overlooked in tennis, but is important. The stronger a player is, the more speed and power they will have during a match.


Having a solid strategy in tennis will result in being able to make smarter and more strategic decisions. If a player lacks in strength and speed, strategy will be very beneficial to their game.

Ball Judgement

Having good ball judgment will make it easier to anticipate which stroke you will use, when to hit the ball, and where to hit the ball.

Returning the Ball

A useful skill when hitting an opponent's serve. This is a very important skill to have when playing tennis. Being able to have a strong return will allow the player to have a strong position for the rest of the point.


A skill that is used by players when their opponent is at the net. The goal of this skill is to get the ball to go over the opponent's head and to land behind them. It gives the player time to recover to the middle of the court while the opponent is hitting the ball. When a lob is hit accurately, it can be difficult for an opponent to return the ball.


A skill where the racquet starts above the ball and is tilted 45-degrees. The racquet strikes the center of the ball to create the slice. The effect of this shot will cause the ball to fall short and usually spin backward after it's bounced on the court. When hitting a slice, it will likely result in the opponent misjudging the position of the ball and they must run to return it.


A skill that is one of the most important to acquire. A serve is important to be able to start each point. Without a good serve, it will be hard to win points when it is the player's turn to serve.


This skill is a shot that is hit more often than any other. A groundstroke is hit when you are hitting from the baseline of the court and returning to the opponent. A groundstroke can be either a backhand or forehand. It is important to have a good groundstroke to be able to return serves and rally points.


A skill that is utilized when the player is at the net. Hitting a volley will help to change the play of the game. If players are playing doubles, it is important to be able to have strong volleying skills. During doubles, both players will have to volley.