Learn Tennis

The best way to learn tennis is to get out and play the game on an actual tennis court with other people. Learning tennis can be both an enjoyable and active experience. In order to learn how to play tennis, one must understand the layout of the tennis court and how to score in tennis.

A tennis court is measured to be 78ft in length and 27ft in width for singles play and 36ft in width for doubles play. It is composed of 2 sidelines, 2 baselines, 2 service boxes on opposite ends of the net, and a net in the middle which divides the 2 service boxes.

Scoring in tennis starts at "love" which is equal to 0, then goes to 15, followed by 30, then 40, and finally the winning point is referred to as the "match point."

Ways To Learn Tennis

In most cases, the best way to get into tennis is to simply go out and play it with friends or family. However, many find an interest in the sport first through watching it on television and learning the basics from watching professional tennis players.

One must understand some of the basics and rules to tennis before they go out and attempt to play on a court. After learning the basics of the sport, an individual is ready to go and hit the tennis court.

Making the decision to get up and go out and find a tennis court to play on is half the battle. Once you find a partner to play with/against the rest of the process should come naturally. Tennis is a great sport to play and it is even more fun when you learn how to play with someone who is willing to play with you.

Teaching Yourself Tennis

Although tennis is commonly taught with an instructor or learned through playing with a friend, it is possible to teach tennis to yourself.

Without an instructor or a partner to learn from, the best way to teach tennis to yourself is to learn the rules through watching professional tennis matches. It may be easier to watch the sport be played on television because it shows you how skilled athletes in tennis play the sport with skill, strategy, and perfect understanding of the game. Yet, other options include learning through instructional tennis videos or searching up the rules online and studying the fundamentals of the sport.

However, after learning the basic building blocks of the sport, you must have another individual to play against you on an actual court to utilize what you have taught yourself about tennis.

Time To Learn

Depending on the skill level you wish to achieve, tennis is a sport that cannot be mastered overnight, but it can be learned relatively quickly to be used in casual play. If one is consistent in training and learns to understand the sport's fundamentals then they will learn the game of tennis faster than those who are not as involved with the sport.

When it comes to tennis, constant practicing of the sport will more often than not lead to a better understanding of the game. If you want to just learn how to play the games, after watching a couple of matches it is easy to understand how the game is played and what basic rules are applied during a match. Yet, for playing in an actual tennis match it may take a bit longer to get a full grasp of how to play the sport at a decent skill level.

Learning Difficulty

If the goal is to play casually with a couple of friends or colleagues, then it is not very difficult to play tennis. The sport can be learned and played somewhat easily depending on how good you would like to be. Tennis is a great sport to be used as an activity to bond with friends and associates, as it can also be used as a competitive outlet to get in a good workout and stay active.

Playing tennis is subjective to the skill level of your opponent and how good you would like to be as a player. If the goal is to play against the best tennis athletes in the world, the game will be very difficult to play. However, if the goal is to learn the basics and get good exercise in, it is easy to play.

What You Need

In order to play tennis there are five main components necessary to start playing tennis. These items include a racket, tennis balls, a court, proper tennis attire, and a partner to play against.

The racket is the main piece of equipment used in any tennis match. Whether it is practice or a live match, every person playing needs a tennis racket. The tennis ball is an absolute necessity when playing the game of tennis, without the ball there is nothing to be played with. Finding a tennis court may be difficult depending on the weather outside or if there are any local tennis courts near you. Wearing proper tennis clothes is important to the game because Tennis includes constant movement and it is important that there is no restriction of any part of the player's body. Finally, a partner to play against is one of the more important aspects of playing the sport because it is a sport that is made to compete against an opponent.

Cost To Learn Tennis

The cost of learning tennis can differ due to a number of different variables including cost of a racket, cost of a court, cost of tennis attire, and the cost of training. Depending if you want the most expensive equipment to learn the game and also if you live in an area where some tennis courts are required to be reserved for play then the costs will be more expensive. Also, some training costs can be expensive depending on how long the training sessions are, what the trainer charges for lessons and how frequently they are used by you.

However, if you choose to learn tennis without a trainer, go to a free local outdoor tennis court, use previously owned workout clothes and then just include the cost of purchasing a cheap racket and tennis balls then it would be around $20-$30.