How Much Do US Open Tennis Tickets Cost?

How Much Do US Open Tickets Cost

The US Open is an annual tennis tournament that takes place in Flushing, New York. The first US Open took place in 1881 and was won by Richard Sears. In 2022, tickets will go on sale to the public on June 6th, and the event will run from August 29th to September 11th

The week leading up to the US Open is Fan Week, as well as the US Open Qualifying Tournament. Fans are able to attend both Fan Week and the US Open Qualifying Tournament for free. Fan Week includes a Legends Match, US Open Players Practice, music, and entertainment. However, while Fan Week may be free, the approximate average price for an official US Open ticket is $350, though certain tickets are much less. 

The Stadiums

The US Tennis Association Billie Jean King National Tennis Center hosts the US Open every year. The center is home to several different stadiums and side courts where many games often take place simultaneously.

Arthur Ashe Stadium

Arthur Ashe Stadium is the largest stadium at the center and also happens to be the largest tennis stadium in the world, seating 23,200 spectators. Each day, the matches with the highest profile are played in the Arthur Ashe Stadium. As a result, tickets to matches in the Arthur Ashe Stadium are often the most expensive. While early tournament matches at Arthur Ashe can cost as little as $40, tickets to championship matches often cost several thousand dollars.

Louis Armstrong Stadium

Louis Armstrong Stadium is the second-best stadium located at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Like Arthur Ashe Stadium, Louis Armstrong Stadium hosts other high profile matches, and tickets to high profile matches inside the stadium often cost over a thousand dollars.

The Grandstand

The third and final stadium at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center is The Grandstand. Like Arthur Ashe Stadium and Louis Armstrong Stadium, the Grandstand hosts high profile matches that often cost over a thousand dollars to attend.

The Sessions

The difference between sessions at the US Open is literally night and day. While you can get all-session passes to the three stadiums, Grounds Passes are sold in Day and Night sessions. A Grounds Pass gives you access to the entire park except for the main Arthur Ashe Stadium and allows you to watch any of the matches taking place on any of the 19 lower-level courts. Keep in mind there is no reserved seating for grounds admission.

When purchasing a Grounds Pass for a specific session, you need to consider the dates and times, and potential matches you will be able to see. The best night sessions are usually the Tuesday and Wednesday of the second week because you will be able to view both the men’s and women’s quarterfinals. For as low as $70, those night session Ground Passes should allow you to watch some of the top competitors face off in intense matches.

There is also a limit to the number of matches you can enter in a specific time frame when you have a Ground Pass, so be sure to check the schedule and plan accordingly. Whether you purchase a stadium ticket or a Grounds Pass will largely depend on when you come to the US Open and how long you stay. The cost of travel, lodging, and food can add up quickly for those traveling longer distances, so you should examine the schedule carefully and decide if you want to splurge on a championship game or enjoy a variety of games with a Grounds Pass.


Just like any other sporting event, re-sellers are often going to be your best bet for finding tickets to the US Open, unless you buy the tickets as soon as they go on sale June 6th or monitor the US Open site as they roll out tickets. Sites such as Ticketmaster, Stubhub, Seat Geek, Ticket Smarter, and others all offer tickets and Ground Passes on their individual sites. However, it is more likely that those tickets will include upcharges and other fees so the company can make a profit.