How Much Do Australian Open Tickets Cost?

How Much Do Australian Open Tickets Cost

As one of the four highest tournaments in international tennis, the Australian Open is a very popular viewing event. In fact, it continually boasts the highest attendance of any Grand Slam tournament. Listed below are the ticket options and costs if you decide to be one such attendee.

Grounds Passes

The first ticket one can purchase for the Australian Open is a Grounds Pass. This particular type of pass allows customers to access the Australian Open arena itself, as well as the unreserved section of all courts other than the show courts. Essentially, these tickets are simply to be in the vicinity of the main arena and attend earlier and more minor competitive events of the Australian Open.

The cost of a full-day Grounds Pass starts at around AUD 49 (US $35) for the first day of competition and usually increases up to AUD 59 (US $40) for the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday dates of the first week. Once the weekend is over, the full-day cost decreases back down to the initial cost of around AUD 49 (US $35). It is worth noting that there is also a multiple-day pass option available that usually costs about AUD 140 (US $100) for three days and AUD 230 (US $160) for five days.

Show Court Passes

The second type of ticket you can purchase for the Australian Open is passes for the show courts on which the higher rounds and more major matches are held. For the Margaret Court Arena, tickets start at around AUD 62 (US $34) for a single day and marginally increase until they cost about AUD 82 (US $57) at the end of the first week. On the flip side, daily tickets for the Rod Laver Arena also begin at around AUD 62 (US $34) but substantially increase with each successive round of competition until they cost upwards of AUD 275 (US $190) for the later round matches. The cost of final matches for the men’s singles, women’s singles, or doubles events can cost upwards of AUD 600 (US $415) based on who is playing and ticket availability.

Ticket Package Options

For the Rod Laver Arena, there are special ticket packages for each day of the tournament, and the cost varies widely based on the section in which you want to sit. The cheapest package is for the Category 3 seats, and these tickets start at around US $87 for the day sessions and US $92 for the evening sessions. Category 2 seats start at around US $107 for the day sessions and US $117 for the evening sessions. Category 1 seats start at around US $211 for the day sessions and US $221 for the evening sessions. The final and most exclusive tickets, referred to as SuperRow passes, start at around US $302 for day sessions and US $313 for evening sessions. The cost for all ticket packages gradually increases as the Australian Open progresses, with just the Category 3 seats going for upwards of US $600 for the day of the finals.

Hotel Package Options

As with many major sporting events, there are special packages available for purchase that combine the cost of individual tours, local travel, local accommodation, and specific Australian Open session tickets into one total trip and cost. Most of the travel and hotel packages range widely depending on the hotel chosen and what specific tennis matches you wish to attend. For example, a Mac Sports travel package that includes hotel, transportation, and day passes for select dates of the 3rd and 4th rounds of the Australian Open start at around US $3,700. For more expensive packages, such as the Mac Sports Australian Open Travel Plus Package, the cost may start at around US $6,400. Because such packages are highly individualized, you can often design them to your particular viewing needs, but they will always cost somewhere in the range of several thousands of dollars minus the cost of airfare.