Tennis Headbands

Tennis Headband

Tennis headbands are accessories worn over tennis players' foreheads and hair during matches. Both men and women choose to wear headbands during matches for various reasons. The main reasons tennis players wear headbands are to keep sweat from dripping in their eyes and keep their hair from swinging in their face.

What Are Tennis Headbands Used For?

Tennis headbands are extremely useful for keeping sweat and hair off your face and out of your eyes. Without a headband, the player’s sweat or hair could impede an athlete’s vision and make it more difficult to see the ball while the return shot approaches. Headbands are often made of cloth or moisture-wicking materials and come in different sizes to fit the heads of athletes of all ages and sizes.

Both men and women can wear headbands while playing tennis, but it is not required for anyone. Many individuals choose to wear headbands while they play, even if they have short hair or are playing a casual round, as it ensures these factors cannot impact their game while also providing a sense of style.

Things to Consider

When looking for tennis headbands, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What style of tennis headband do you like the best?
  • How long is your hair?
  • How tight would you like your tennis headband to be?
  • How much do you have to spend on a tennis headband?

What Are You Looking For in a Tennis Headband?

  • Comfort
  • Affordability
  • Style
  • Reversibility
  • Effective at holding hair
  • Durability


Tennis headbands come in several different styles and types, including one-piece, reversible, tie, and bandanas.

One-Piece Headbands

A one-piece headband is a circular headband that can be easily slipped onto the head. The size of a one-piece headband can not be adjusted, however they are typically made with a stretchy material that makes it easier to fit into. This type of headband is incredibly durable and stays in place on your head while you move up and down the court.


  • Durable and can’t fall off of your head
  • Stretchy, moisture-wicking materials


  • Might not be a perfect fit

Reversible Headbands

Reversible headbands are headbands that you can turn inside-out to display a different color or design. These headbands are advantageous because you can have multiple different colors and can switch which color you’d like to wear at any time. These headbands are just as durable as one-piece headbands but give you the option of switching up the style of headband you are wearing by just flipping it around.


  • Can have multiple colors and designs
  • Same durability as one-piece headbands


  • Heavier sweat-absorbent material than one-piece headbands

Tie Headbands

Tie headbands are long pieces of material that can be tied around a tennis player’s head and used as a headband. These headbands can be adjusted to fit any size, which makes them easier for players to find the perfect fit. Tie headbands are made from lightweight, moisture-wicking materials, while one-piece or reversible headbands are cotton-based absorbent materials. 


  • Adjustable to fit any size
  • Lightweight


  • Knots can loosen or become untied
  • Needs to be tied each time you wear it


A bandana is a piece of cloth or fabric that can be multi-purposed into a headband for a tennis player. The fabric that bandanas are made of absorbs water and can act as a coolant for the player’s forehead. Bandanas are tied behind the head and can be adjusted to almost any individual’s head size. Tennis bandanas tend to cost between $10 and $15.


  • Cost-effective
  • Water-absorbant to protect face from sweat
  • Adjustable


  • Heavier than other types of headbands
  • Lower-quality material


Headbands are made by all major tennis brands, including Adidas, Nike, and Wilson.


Adidas has lines of headbands that include one-piece headbands, tie headbands, and bandanas. These products and materials are considered high-quality, yet prices are fairly low, and headbands from Adidas can be bought from $10 to $25. On top of headbands, Adidas offers a wide selection of tennis apparel and shoes.


Nike has lines of headbands that are mostly one-piece headbands. Nike’s main difference in style is the size of their headbands, which range from shoelace sized to full sweatbands. These Nike headbands can be found for as little as $6 for a full headband and $15 or $16 for the shoelace headbands. Nike offers many other types of tennis accessories and apparel as well.


Wilson offers reversible headbands as their main headband accessory. Wilson is a big-time tennis company and tends to focus more on equipment rather than their apparel. Wilson reversible headbands can be found for less than $5 and are mostly sold as a sweat-preventing aid.


How much do tennis headbands cost?

Tennis headbands are a relatively cheap sports accessory and most can be bought for $1-5. Headbands can be as cheap as $1 or even sometimes less if bought in bulk. The most expensive headbands, which can usually be custom-colored or designed, would cost between $15-25.

How do I wash a tennis headband?

Most tennis headbands are machine-washable. In almost every case, your headband can go in any load of laundry. Be sure to read the brand’s washing instructions just to be safe, as your headband may need to be air-dried or washed on cold and a low setting.

What sizes do tennis headbands come in?

Headbands tend to come in both youth and adult sizes. Since most headbands are made of moisture-wicking materials that are meant to stretch, a lot of headbands can be one-size-fits-all. Size doesn’t matter as much in tie-on or bandanas since they are size adjustable, but you could occasionally see the typical S-XL sizes for one-piece headbands.