Tennis Hats

Tennis Hat

Tennis hats are one of the common pieces of attire worn across men’s and women’s tennis. These hats are an important piece of equipment that provides players with shade during a tennis match. Read on to learn about the benefits, types, brands, and important considerations of tennis hats.

Benefits of Tennis Hats

Hats are typically made out of lightweight and breathable material that keeps sweat out of a player’s face. Tennis hats are also beneficial for reducing glare and keeping the sun out of a player’s eyes. Tennis hats come in many forms and are worn by a large portion of professional tennis players. These hats limit players’ distractions by protecting their eyes and faces from the sunlight and absorbing the sweat that would otherwise drip down their faces.

Tennis hats are often made out of a lightweight mesh material that enhances airflow and ventilation during a match. These hats may also come with an adjustable strap in the back that allows the player to adjust the hat’s fit and protect them from outside distractions while playing.

Things to Consider

When looking for tennis hats, you'll want to consider the following:

  • Where are you going to be playing tennis?
  • How do you typically prefer your hats to fit and look?
  • How much sun protection are you looking for in a tennis hat?

What Are You Looking For in a Tennis Hat?

  • Comfort
  • Affordability
  • Style
  • Sun protection
  • Adjustability


There are several different forms of tennis hats worn across matches. The most well-known are adjustable hats, visors, structured crown hats, and unstructured crown hats.

Adjustable Tennis Hat

adjustable tennis hat

Adjustable tennis hats are the most popular type of hat worn by tennis players. These hats are commonly made out of lightweight mesh that allows airflow and moisture absorption. The hats also feature an adjustable strap in the back that can fit the head size of most players. These adjustable hats are often made out of recyclable material and cost around $15-20.


  • Adjustable closure in back
  • Allow for airflow and moisture absorption
  • Affordable piece of attire


  • More expensive than other tennis hats and visors

Tennis Visor

tennis visor

Tennis visors are another popular piece of attire worn by tennis players to protect their faces and eyes from the sun. Tennis visors are similar to regular tennis hats, except they have no crown in the front and leave the top of the head uncovered. Visors are extremely lightweight and are a more popular hat option for female tennis players. These visors tend to cost about $20.


  • Lightweight, athletic fit
  • Popular tennis hat
  • Protect face and eyes from the sun


  • Lack a crown in the front
  • Leaves the top of head exposed

Structured Crown Tennis Hat

Structured crown tennis hats are another common form of tennis hats. These hats have additional support in the front so the hat can maintain its shape. Structured crown hats also tend to be taller and thicker than other hats. These hats are not as lightweight and breathable as adjustable tennis hats and tennis visors but offer structural benefits instead.


  • Additional support in front
  • Durability


  • Taller and bulkier than other hats
  • Not as lightweight and flexible
  • Does not absorb sweat as well

Unstructured Crown Tennis Hat

Unstructured tennis hats are another common type of tennis hat that lack additional support behind the front panels of the hat and collapse when not worn. These hats are more flexible than structured tennis hats and can comfortably fit around a player’s head. Unstructured hats also have a mesh-like back section and are commonly made out of cotton.


  • Loose, flexible fit
  • Comfortable material


  • Lacks crown support
  • Does not absorb sweat as well


There are a variety of companies that manufacture tennis hats, but Adidas, Nike, and Fila are among the most popular tennis hat brands.


Adidas is one of the largest athletic apparel manufacturers in the world and offers both tennis hats and visors. Adidas hats and visors come in basic designs and simple color patches for all levels of men’s and women’s competition. Adidas tennis hats are reasonably priced, as their hats cost about $22 while their visors cost around $18.


Fila is another popular athletic apparel company and tennis hat manufacturer. Fila’s hats come in basic designs in black, navy blue, or white. Their hats are great for flexible and sweaty tennis activities. Fila hats and visors are available at the affordable price of $16-$18.


Nike is the biggest athletic apparel and equipment company in the world, and is one of the most popular tennis hat and visor manufacturers. Nike offers a diverse selection of hat and visor designs for both men and women. Their hats and visors come in a lightweight material that creates a casual and comfortable feel. Nike’s hats and visors cost anywhere from $25 to $30.


How do you wash a tennis hat?

Tennis hats require you to follow special washing instructions in order to maintain their original color, material, and anti-sweat technology. To properly wash a tennis hat, you should first fill a tank with cold water, then add detergent to the running water. Next, you want to place your hat into the cold water for approximately two minutes so that the water and soap can coat the hat. The hat needs to be continually submerged, scrubbed, and rinsed until it is clean. You will need to air dry it by placing the hat in a warm and dry area that is protected from sunlight.

What are the advantages of using a tennis hat instead of a visor?

Tennis hats offer more coverage of the head and scalp than visors because they have a fully enclosed top. This can be beneficial to those with shorter hair to protect the top of their head from prolonged sun exposure. For people with longer hair, hats are also more effective at holding their hair in place as opposed to visors. Tennis hats are a great way to protect your face from the sun and keep sweat out of your face, no matter what option you choose.

Can you wear your tennis hat backwards while playing?

You can wear your tennis hat in whatever direction you want while playing. That being said, the point of wearing a hat is to protect your face from the sun while playing with shade provided by the bill of the bat. When the hat is worn backwards it leaves the player's face exposed to the sun and may negatively affect the player. Wearing tennis hats backwards during a match has become increasingly popular recently, but tennis hats offer more benefits when worn forward-facing.