Tennis Ball Holders and Clips

tennis ball clips

It is easy to notice that during tennis matches players typically hold two or three balls before each serve. Keeping an extra ball is crucial to not disrupt the flow of the game in case of a let or fault. Professional players are usually assisted by ball boys or girls, but amateurs do not have this privilege. This is why an affordable accessory, like a ball clip, is a necessity when playing with friends. Read on to learn all about tennis ball holders and clips.

What Are Tennis Ball Holders and Clips Used For?

Tennis ball holders and clips are small-sized accessories that hold extra tennis balls. This allows the match to proceed smoothly, especially when there are no ball boys or girls to feed the server balls. Ball holders and grips also become indispensable when it is raining. Using a wet ball could negatively affect the quality and power of a serve.

While many male players wear shorts with long pockets during matches, women typically wear dresses or spandex that do not have the extra space to hold balls. This makes it necessary for women to utilize a ball holder or clip to have extra balls ready. Waistband ball holders are very popular among female tennis players at any level.

Things to Consider

When looking for tennis ball holders or clips, you'll want to consider the following:

  • What type of tennis ball holder are you looking for?
  • How many tennis balls do you need to hold at a time?
  • How much money do you have to spend on a tennis ball holder?
  • What skill level of tennis are you playing?

What Are You Looking For in a Tennis Ball Clip or Holder?

  • Affordability
  • Maximum capacity
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Durability
  • Ease of use


When purchasing a tennis ball holder or clip, the player should consider whether to prioritize holding multiple balls, sturdiness, or comfort. The three main types of ball holders are the clip-on, waistband, and pouch models.

Clip-On Ball Holders

Typically priced at about $5, the clip-on ball holder is not only the cheapest ball clip but also one of the most affordable accessories for tennis players. The great advantage of picking this kind of ball holder is the stability of the clip, which does not let the ball slip while playing. However, this clip can only hold one ball and might break easily, resulting in discomfort on the waist.


  • Most affordable
  • Good stability
  • Does not let the tennis ball slip out


  • Least comfortable
  • Only holds one tennis ball
  • Easily broken

Waistband Ball Holders

Tennis Waistband Ball Holders

The waistband ball holder is popular among tennis players, professionals included. This ball holder can hold multiple balls at once. However, it can roll up during a match, causing the balls to slip out. Despite being the most expensive ball holder, it is listed for just under $20. This piece of equipment is great for female players since most skirts, leggings, and spandex are not equipped with pockets.


  • Lightest type of ball holder
  • Used by professional players
  • Can fit multiple tennis balls


  • Can roll up while playing
  • Most expensive
  • Least sturdy

Pouch Ball Holders

Tennis Pouch Ball Holders

The pouch ball holder is the largest among this type of tennis accessory, which means it can fit up to four tennis balls, in addition to personal items, such as a phone. With a price tag sitting around $15, pouch ball holders are great in terms of quality to price ratio. However, the resistance of the material and the stability of the belt could be a bit of a concern.


  • Holds up to four balls
  • Waterproof
  • Can hold personal items too


  • Poor resistance of the material
  • Can be unstable during games
  • The belt stretches out easily


Powerti and Tourna are the leading brands in the production of ball holders and clips. Both brands are specialized in tennis accessories, which makes them the best choice when purchasing tennis ball holders.  


The Tourna ball clip is one of the first ball clips produced. Between the great price of around $6, found on, and the stability of the clip, Tourna’s model of this accessory is great for amateurs. Tourna also produces a ball band, which is extremely popular among female players since it can be worn with any bottom.


Powerti products can be found both at retail stores and online. The brand’s best-seller is the plastic ball holder, which is available in multiple colors. This item is priced under $10 and is a great purchase for beginners and for players who wear bottoms without pockets.


How do you use tennis ball holders and clips?

Clip-ons can be easily attached to the player’s hip, while waistband and pouch holders go around the waist. The latter two can hold up to four balls, while only one tennis ball can be attached to the clip-on. Waistbands are also a comfortable option for players since they can be easily worn over any kind of bottom. On the other hand, pouch ball holders work similarly to a belt and can store personal items too.

Do professional tennis players use ball clips?

While most professional players rely on ball boys/girls to feed them extra balls for serve, it is common to see women wearing waistband holders. Since most female tennis attire does not have pockets, it becomes necessary for female players to utilize a waistband holder. This accessory allows female players to always have an additional ball without giving up the comfort of wearing skirts, spandex, or dresses.

How much do tennis ball holders cost?

Tennis ball holders and clips are among the most affordable accessories for tennis players. The clip-on, which was the first model to be developed by Tourna, is available online for around 5. Clip-ons are also available in stores, with the one from Powerti priced at just under $10. The waistband and the pouch holder models are slightly more expensive but still under $20.