How Do You Score Points In Taekwondo?

How Do You Score Points In Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a sport that involves punching or kicking your opponent so you can score points and win. Scoring points in taekwondo can be done in several ways, and each technique is worth a different amount of points based on its degree of difficulty.

Taekwondo Point Categories

The methods in which you can score points in taekwondo can be split into punches and kicks, which can be landed to the head or torso. The most basic way to score is with a punch to the body. This earns you one point. A standard kick to the body gives you two points and kicks to the head earn you three points. Spinning attacks can award you more points because they are more difficult to land, turning kicks to the body earn you four points while turning kicks to the head are worth five. 

Punch to the Body1 point
Kick to the Body2 points
Kick to the Head3 points
Turning Kick to the Body4 points
Turning Kick to the Head5 points
Knockdown+1 point to original points awarded
Penalty+1 point to opponent

In order to score the points, your kicks and punches must be precise and powerful. To calculate the power of strikes, the Olympics have sensors in protective gear that show the audience and judges how strong the competitors are hitting one another. 

The objective in taekwondo is to score more points than your opponent in order to win. However, the contest can be stopped if you knock your opponent out.


What is not counted as a score in taekwondo?

Any strikes to the face or below the waist are not counted as legal strikes in taekwondo. Also, any attacks using the head or knee are not allowed. Using the side or bottom of the foot is also prohibited in certain circumstances, as is attacking an opponent on the ground. There are many niche rules that dictate a legal strike in taekwondo, and it is important to know all of the rules to avoid being penalized.

Do punches count as points in taekwondo?

Yes, punches count as a point in taekwondo. While punches are often underutilized, they can earn you one point for a punch to the torso. Punches to the head area or below the belt are not allowed, however.