How Many Rounds Are There In Olympic Taekwondo?

How Many Rounds Are There In Taekwondo For The Olympics

Taekwondo has been an official sport of the summer Olympics since the 2000 Olympic games in Australia. The sport is a Korean martial art that places a heavy importance on kicking. Fighters are fully padded and compete against each other to land the most kicks on their opponent. They are equipped with sensors on their socks and each kick is only recorded if it meets a certain amount of force. 

Each match consists of three rounds of fighting with each round lasting a total of two minutes. Whichever fighter has more points at the end of three rounds is determined the winner. If the score is tied between the two fighters at the end of three rounds, there is a final “golden point” round. Whichever fighter scores a point first in the final round is the winner of the match.