What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a type of martial art that is focused on various types of kicks, hence its translation of "the way of the foot." It is practiced by people of all ages, who often start at a young age because there is a lot of preparation involved. It is a popular activity nowadays, but the first glimpses of taekwondo were in 1945 in Seoul. Many Korean historical influences have paved the road for taekwondo around the world.

Types of Kicks

The sport consists of many different types of kicks- including spinning kicks, head-height kicks and jumping kicks. It is similar to sparring. People can take taekwondo classes to start getting themselves acquainted with the sport.


A taekwondo match consists of two practitioners competing for a few minutes- sometimes two, three or even seven. They often compete in competitions, which include a series of matches among teams.


Those who practice taekwondo train in a number of ways. Some training methods include breaking wooden boards, one-on-one sparring, doing strength workouts, balance exercises. However, training involves mental preparation, too, like intentionally relaxing the mind. This sport is one of the mind and body, just like judo.


A uniform is worn by a taekwondo practitioner during both training and matches. Belts are awarded based on skill level and designate the rank of each practitioner.

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