Who Serves First In Table Tennis?

Who Serves First In Table Tennis

Since the invention of the game, the International Table Tennis Federation has been trying to perfect the rules of serving. While serving was once just a way to start a match, it has evolved into an opportunity for players to strike the ball and earn a point.

The official rules of table tennis state that the first serve of every game should be decided at random. This can be decided in a drawing or by flipping a coin. It’s important that this choice is random to avoid any claims of one player having an advantage. In recreational table tennis, the umpire of the match will sometimes hold the ball behind his or her back or under the table and ask the players to guess which hand it’s in. 

What Happens After the Draw?

Many people think that the winner of this drawing automatically serves first. However, the winner is given a choice. They can either:

  • Choose to serve first
  • Choose to receive first
  • Choose which end of the table they’d like to start at

If they opt to either serve or receive first, their opponent gets to choose the side of the table that they prefer to start at. Likewise, if they choose a side of the table, the other player is then allowed to decide whether to serve or receive the ball first.,


How many serves do you get in table tennis?

In an official table tennis game, each player serves twice before transferring the service to the opponent. Since games are played until one side scores 11 points, each side may have the service up to ten times per match. If a match is played beyond 11 points due to the win-by-two rule, each side will alternate serving each point.

Who serves second in table tennis?

The same player who serves the first point of a table tennis match serves the second point. Then, the other team gets a turn serving for the next two points. In doubles, players still serve two points in a row, rather than alternating with their teammate each serve.,