What Kind Of Ping Pong Paddle Should I Get?

What Kind Of Ping Pong Paddle Should I Get

There are many different pieces and layers that make up a ping pong paddle. Each type of paddle can be utilized differently by players, depending on their play styles and level of competition. Each individual element of a paddle has an impact on whether it’s the right fit for you or not.


There are two standard types of handle for ping pong paddles: straight and flared. Deciding which is better for each individual depends on how you prefer to grip your paddle. Players with a looser grip tend to choose straight handles, while players who prefer a tighter, more fitted grasp will often opt for a flared handle.


The blade is the laminated piece of wood that gets sandwiched between the absorbent layers on each side of the paddle. A paddle’s blade affects its power, and each blade will have a power ranking. The higher this ranking, the less power is absorbed by the blade and thus, the stronger the return strike will be.


Each blade is covered with several layers of different combinations of absorbent material like foam and rubber. The dimensions of these layers affect the control each paddle has. The padding affects the length of time the ball will stay on the paddle once it has been struck. A fraction of a second difference could change the return of the ball.

When looking for a ping pong paddle, look to get a padding thickness that plays to your strengths. If you are a strong defensive player that likes to force the other player to make mistakes, a softer, thicker padding may be best. The thick padding will allow you to absorb and return hard attacks by your opponent with ease. On the contrary, if you are a more aggressive, offensive player, you may want thinner padding. The thinner padding will allow the ball to bounce off your paddle quicker.