Does Table Tennis Scoring Go To 11 Or 21?

Does table tennis scoring go to 11 or 21?

A standard table tennis game goes up to 11 points.

During a game of table tennis players switch off serving after every two points. The game is played to 11 unless there is a 10-10 tie in which the athletes must keep playing until someone is able to win by two.

Table tennis was originally played up until a score of 21

Originally athletes played up until a score of 21 but this was recently changed to 11 in order to speed up each game that is played.

In a standard game of table tennis, or ping pong, the game is played until one person reaches a score of 11. This rule is only altered if the two athletes playing reach a score with both of them tied at ten. If this type of game occurs, the match must continue until one of the two players achieves a score that is two points more than their opponent. A match of ping pong begins with one of the athletes serving to the other. The players take turns serving every two points up until one of them gets up to the score of eleven. If the game does end up being tied at 10, or deuce, each player takes turns serving every other point until one of them wins the match by two points. Prior to 2001, all matches played of competitive ping pong were up to a score of 21 with similar rules to that of the game now. This was done to mostly focused around making the game more exciting. The game was changed up to a score of 11 in order to have more crucial points in it and make it more appealing to people watching it on television at home. Because of all the things mentioned above, the official rules of a table tennis match were changed in 2001 in order to make matches last up to only 11 points.