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Table Tennis

table tennis

Sometimes referred to as Ping Pong, table tennis is a sport enjoyed by people all across the world. The game involves either two individuals (singles) or four individuals (doubles) hitting a small ball back and forth attempting to keep it in the boundaries of play while making their opponent either miss the ball entirely or hit it out of bounds. The sport is unique in that there is minimal running because the playing surface is fairly small. The game requires strategy and consistency for that reason.

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What is table tennis?

Table tennis is a game that can be played at a competitive level or just for leisure purposes. The game consists of 2 or 4 players hitting a small ball back and forth with the goal of making their opponent miss the ball or miss-hit the ball so it goes out of bounds. Games are played on a table with a net in the middle which the players have to hit the ball over.

Table tennis is popular all around the world. These three countries however, are known to play and enjoy the sport the most: China, South Korea, and Germany.

Is table tennis an olympic sport?

Table tennis is an olympic sport and has been since 1988. There are currently four events that are played every four years at the summer Olympics: Men's singles, Women's Singles, Men's Team, and Women's Team.