What Are Lifeguards' Biggest Pet Peeves?

What Are Lifeguards Biggest Pet Peeves

Lifeguards have a number of pet peeves that bother them when they are working. These pet peeves do not only include things in the water but also outside, such as hot weather or the bright sun. Read on to see what lifeguards' three biggest pet peeves are.

Disobedient Swimmers

The number one pet peeve that all lifeguards have is disobedient swimmers or patrons in general. Pools where there are lifeguards typically have a list of rules that the lifeguards enforce. These rules include things such as no running on the pool deck, no diving in shallow areas, no glass near the pool, and so on.

The rules are in place to keep pool patrons and swimmers safe, so it is a big pet peeve when a lifeguard blows their whistle and tells a swimmer to change their behavior, and they do not obey. The lifeguard now has to say something again or risk the swimmer being unsafe. Listening to lifeguards and informing yourself of the rules when you go to a pool is crucial for your safety and the lifeguards’ sanity.

Inattentive Parents

Another pet peeve that lifeguards have is when parents do not pay attention to their children while they are in the water. Increasingly, parents are becoming more consumed with their cell phones or distracted by other electronics when going to the pool with their children. Oftentimes parents let their children go in the water on their own if they can swim; however drownings can happen no matter the swim level your child is.

Although parents are not trying to put their children in danger, they often do not know the risks associated with the water and do not watch their children closely enough. Parents should always be within arms reach of children who cannot stand in the water. If the child can stand, the parents should still always be watching their child until they are very strong swimmers. If the child is a very strong swimmer, it is acceptable to leave the child in the lifeguard's care. Always make sure your child knows the pool rules and listens to lifeguards at all times.

Staff Issues

Believe it or not, one of lifeguards’ biggest pet peeves has nothing to do with the patrons or swimmers at all. Since the pandemic, there has been a national lifeguard shortage that has made staffing pools across the country very difficult. Most pools have a rotation that they follow, accounting for all the different chairs at the pool and making sure that each lifeguard gets enough downtime.

Per shift, a pool will typically only have just enough lifeguards to cover the rotation, so when there are not enough lifeguards, the rotation gets messed up, and lifeguards often get their downtime taken away. Additionally, when the pool is outdoors, sitting in the sun can become very exhausting. If lifeguards do not get enough time out of the sun, it can become difficult for them to do their job effectively.