Swimming Basic Rules For Kids

Swimming Basic Rules For Kids

Swimming Rules

There are four main strokes in swimming; butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle

Each stroke has their own set of rules.

The swimmer must stay on their chest while moving their arms and legs at the same time,

The swimmer’s legs must be kept together while moving in a vertical motion,

The swimmer will dive in at the start of the race.

After diving in, the swimmer can have as many kicks as they want until their head reaches the surface of the water.

The swimmer’s head must break the surface before 15 meters are reached.

In order to win, the swimmer must touch both hands to the pool wall with the fastest time.

For the breaststroke, the arms and legs create a half-circular motion. Swimmers must swim on their chest the whole time.

For the backstroke, swimmers must swim on their back the whole time. The only time swimmers are not on their back is when they are performing a turn.

For the freestyle stroke, swimmers use both arms and slap the water one at a time moving them forward.

Swimmers must touch the walls with both hands at the finish and turns.