What Is The Best Age To Start Surfing?

What Is the Best Age to Start Surfing

Surfing is a summer sport that involves using a board to ride the waves crashing onto a beach. Although it may be difficult for younger kids to grasp, it is an excellent activity for older children and teenagers that gets them outside and in the sun. Read further to find detailed information about when to start your kids surfing.

Defining Goals

Before making any decisions, setting appropriate goals for your child is essential. Ask them what they want to get out of surfing. If they want to get out, have fun, mess around, and soak up some sun, then break out the boards and get them started. However, if they have a more serious vision involving collegiate or professional surfing, it is wise to take a step back and realize what you are getting into.

Throughout this article, we will explore how the love and practice of surfing can benefit children of any age. Then, we will describe ways to get your child on track for the collegiate or professional surfing world.

Ages 3-5

At its best, surfing is a safe sport anyone can enjoy. Children as young as three can ride the waves and have the time of their lives. However, you know your child best. Keep in mind these questions as you consider starting your child on surfing:

  • Do they know how to swim?
  • Do they enjoy being outside and getting wet?
  • Do they have the strength to lug a five-foot board around?
  • Can you supervise them at all times as they surf?
  • Are they determined and disciplined enough to learn how to balance on and ride a surfboard?

Asking these types of questions can help to put your child’s situation into the correct perspective. Search for children's surfboards if you decide to get them started. Children under 65 pounds should have a 5’5”-5’8” board length. Ensure that you supervise your child as they surf at all times, and make them wear a life jacket.

Ages 6-11

Older children should be able to have more fun surfing. At this age, they can grasp the concept of surfing and get an idea of how to balance on the board better than when they were younger. Additionally, older children usually know how to swim. However, if they are uncertain of their abilities, sending them surfing in a life jacket is perfectly fine.

Surfing is a fantastic opportunity for older children to get active. Get them a board and take them to the beach to have fun and mess around. The ideal board length range for children weighing 66-100 pounds is 5’8”-7.’

If you want your child to make a career out of surfing in the future, it is best to start them young. Get them hooked up with a surfing club, team, or coach as soon as possible.

Ages 12 and Up

Teenagers can increase their surfing skills exponentially as they practice. After going many times and learning the basics, teenagers have the opportunity to come alive on the waves. They probably do not need to wear a life jacket, depending on where they surf and how comfortable they are.

Turning surfing into an opportunity for your child to socialize is always good. Help them to find friends with whom they can surf. Look into opportunities in their school or community. As they get outside, they exercise their bodies and remain physically healthy. By helping them to get in touch with others, they will grow into a healthy social life.

Get them a surfboard to start their surfing journey. Children weighing 110-130 pounds should get a 7’-8’ board. Any teenager weighing more than this should go for one at least 9 feet long.

For Future College Athletes

There are many surfing opportunities, especially in the United States. If your child wants to surf in college, their biggest concern should, of course, be getting into college. Help them to exercise their minds as well as their bodies. Some of the top surfing universities in the U.S. are the University of California San Diego, the University of California Santa Cruz, the University of Hawaii Manoa, and the University of North Carolina Wilmington. They all have average incoming GPAs of over 3.4.

The colleges above are great for those who want to go to college and surf for fun because they are right next to beaches. However, it will be more difficult if your child wants to make it onto one of the above college’s prestigious surfing teams. Making big dreams come true takes a lot of work. Start your child young so they will have the training necessary to make it in these big schools if that is what they want.

For Future Professional Athletes

Professional surfing is an intense global sport. Do not expect your child to be able to waltz into the big leagues without putting in the work first. Teach them discipline and dedication at a young age so that getting up early to practice won’t be a struggle.

Getting future professional surfers hooked up with a surfing team, club, or coach is essential as early as possible. Search things like “surfing coaches near me” to see the opportunities accessible to your child. Additionally, talk with their school counselor for information about how they can get involved with serving.

One excellent resource to get you started thinking about how to prepare your future athlete best is World Surf League. They have videos, tournaments, upcoming events, and even a junior tour with information accessible on the website. The junior tour could be an excellent way to prepare your kid for the big leagues.

Safety Concerns

Surfing is a relatively safe sport. There is minimal impact, and the risk of drowning or other water-related hazards is slim when proper safety measures are taken. However, do not let up because surfing is relatively safe. Never let your children surf alone. Never allow young children to surf unsupervised. Younger children must always wear a life jacket. Keep children and teens hydrated and nourished: the combination of the sun and salt water can make them thirsty.

Additionally, check the weather before you take your kids surfing. Do not surf during a storm. Always follow the advice of lifeguards and officials. Finally, ensure your child knows not to drift off too far from the beach. Confirm that a method to rescue anybody drifting away from the shore is readily available.


How do I get my kid started with surfing?

Get your child a board according to their weight and look up how to teach them how to surf. For additional resources to get them started, search “surfing coaches near me” or head to World Surf League’s website if your child is more serious about surfing.

How old should my child be to surf?

Children can surf starting at any age, as long as they know how to swim already. Surfing is not a dangerous sport when necessary precautions are taken. If your child wears a life jacket, stays within a safe range of the beach, and remains supervised, they can have a great time!

Can I teach my child surfing?

Anybody can teach their children to surf. Search for YouTube videos that have to do with surfing and go from there! Surfing is not very complicated. It is significantly easier for those with experience riding boards such as wakeboards, skateboards, longboards, etc.