How Much Does A Surfing Instructor Make?

How Much Does A Surfing Instructor Make

Surfing involves riding the waves crashing onto a beach with a soft-top board made from foam, wood, polyurethane, or epoxy. Surfboards are designed to float on the ocean and cut through the water. Surfing instructors can teach students to handle their boards, paddle, and surf on the waves, but how much can you make as a surfing instructor? Read on to find out.

How Much Do Surf Instructors Make on Average?

Surf instructors make an average of $42,000-$52,500 a year, with their mean salary being $47,735 annually. This comes out to be a wage of about $23.00 an hour. Out of a survey of salaries across America, surfing instructors make the most in Tennessee and Hawaii, rolling in $52,690 annually in Tennessee and $51,133 annually in Hawaii. Yes, oddly enough, surf instructors make more in Tennessee than in Hawaii.

Out of all U.S. states, they earn the least in Georgia and Florida, only earning $33,776 annually and $34,580 annually, respectively. On the high end, instructors make about $25.00 an hour, and on the low end, they make nearly $16.00 an hour.

Putting the Pay Into Perspective

It is necessary to interpret the statistics above in order to fully understand how much a surfing instructor makes. Much of the hard data on salaries considers the amount that surf instructors make per hour, which is then applied to a 40-hour work week to calculate a “yearly” salary. However, it is not always the case that surfing instructors make the yearly amount implied by their hourly rate.

Many surf instructors make about $20.00-$30.00 an hour, but to make the kind of yearly money we see above, they would have to teach 40 hours a week. This is, unfortunately, not very realistic for a private instructor. Therefore, it is necessary for surfing instructors to find a company or start their own company so that they can receive the security of consistent pay.

Theoretically, an instructor could make up the difference by charging much more money per hour. If they had a significant surfing presence and good credentials, they could charge $50.00 or more per session. This would greatly increase their earnings, and they would not have to work 40 hours a week. Also, they could step away from one-on-one lessons and teach multiple students per hour, greatly increasing their income. However, it takes time and skill to develop such a following, and even then, it is not always a secure and guaranteed means of payment.

How to Make Money as a Surf Instructor

Coaches need to prove that they can excel in what they teach to make money. Therefore, surfing instructors can make money, expand their company, and increase their marketability by competing in and winning competitions. For example, the World Surf League awards massive cash prizes to top surfers.

Right now, the number-one male and female surfers earn prize money worth $80,000. Second-place surfers earn $45,000, third-place gets $25,000, and so on. These competitions help serious surfers earn money and make a name for themselves, allowing them to charge much more for their services and expand their business.


How much do surfing instructors make on average?

Surfing instructors make $47,735 on average annually. This comes out to be about $23.00 an hour. In surf-oriented states such as Hawaii, instructors can make up to $53,000 annually, about $25.00 an hour. In states where surfing is less prevalent, instructors can make as little as $33,000, nearly $16.00 an hour.

Is a surfing instructor a good career?

Being a surfing instructor is a good career, but not always an easy one. The average instructor makes about $47,000 a year if they earn consistent money, which can be enough to live on, but not always. Luckily, there are ways to increase one’s earnings, such as competing in surfing competitions. Overall, being a surfing instructor allows you to help people and make a decent amount of money, but it may take time and effort to turn the job into a lucrative career.