What is Squash?

Squash is a racket game that is played with either two or four players. It is similar to tennis, where players volley back and forth in attempts to trip up their opponent(s). The only difference is that the opponents stand side by side with a wall in front of them, and they bounce the ball against the wall inside of the court.

The sport originated in London and starting in the 1950s and it has spanned across the world. However, it is not a part of the Olympic Games.

The rules of squash are fairly simple and are similar to sports like tennis, volleyball, or badminton. Each person alternates hitting the ball off of the wall with his racket, trying to put his opponent at a disadvantage so he’s unable to return the ball. In order to win, you must win the most sets within a match, which is typically three or five.

The squash ball is small and hollow and needs to be warmed up before the match begins. Cold squash balls do not bounce well. Squash players typically wear athletic wear and carry rackets similar in size to tennis rackets. The sport takes a lot of agility, speed, and fast feet.