What Is The Ncaa?

The NCAA regulates and applies rules to intercollegiate sports all across the United States. They also supervise contests and hold over 90 national championships. Being a student-athlete is naturally difficult, so the NCAA provides academic services as well. They provide athletes with access to academic advisors and tutors and even a degree completion program so they can come back and earn their degree if they need to. About 9 in 10 Division I student-athletes earn a bachelor's degree.

College can be expensive, so the NCAA also provides financial assistance to those you earn in or need it. Schools award about $3.5 billion in athletic scholarships every year. They also have the Student Assistance Fund which helps Division I athletes with basic needs such as flying home because of a family emergency or supplying a jacket when it is winter.

Finally, the NCAA provides athletes with wellness and insurance. Their sports science institute encourages health a safety with the extensive research done on injuries, drug testing, mental health, and sexual assault prevention. They also fund an insurance policy that covers all athletes who experience a catastrophic injury. Lastly, the NCAA supplies Division I and II athletes with unlimited meals.

History of the NCAA

The NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association. It was established in 1906, but it was first known as the IAA, or the Intercollegiate Athletic Association and four years later, in 1910, the modern name was adopted. The first championship was held in 1921 and it was the National College Track and Field Championship.

In the beginning, the NCAA did not have a lot of control over intercollegiate athletics. However, after World War II, college attendance rose dramatically due to the government supporting veterans to go to school. As a result, interest in athletics also rose and collegiate sports became commercialized. Different sports were broadcasted all over the United States, and as the popularity grew, so did the scandals that came with the sport. Gambling and excessive recruiting forced the NCAA to have more control over intercollegiate sports and they now had more power in governing rules.

The Sports

The NCAA holds competitions in 24 sports across the United States. These sports are divided into Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. Among the 24 sports, football and basketball are the most popular. Every year the NCAA holds its March Madness basketball tournament. In the 2016-2017 season, they generated $761 million in revenue for the tournament, which was a majority of the $1.06 billion they made that year. Here is a list of sports that are in the NCAA:

NCAA Fall Sports

NCAA Winter Sports

NCAA Spring Sports

Colleges In The NCAA

The NCAA has 1,117 colleges and universities across the United States. These schools are divided into three divisions and the most popular one that you might see on television is Division I. This division is the most competitive one because of the incredible talent that the athletes have. Some popular Division I schools include the University of Southern California (USC), the University of Oregon, the University of Alabama, and Duke University. In these three divisions, there are almost half a million college athletes in 19,750 teams.