What Are The Oldest Sports Teams?

What Are The Oldest Sports Teams

The world of sports has evolved throughout the course of time, and so with it have sports teams. In any sport, there are a variety of teams, both old and new. Many of the oldest sports teams reside in the United States. The history of sports teams in any sport is something many fans and fan bases take pride in. So, what are the oldest sports teams in the world? Are any of your favorite sports teams on the list? Read on below to find out about the oldest sports teams in the USA.

NFL: What Is the Oldest Team?

the arizona cardinals

The oldest team in the National Football League (NFL) is the Arizona Cardinals. The team was established in 1898 and joined the NFL two decades later. Believe it or not, the Cardinals have not always been in Arizona. The Cardinals haven’t been located in just one or two cities over their history, but three. 

Since their inception into the NFL in 1920, the Cardinals have been located in Chicago, St. Louis, and Phoenix. The Cardinals were also not called the Cardinals at first. Even before the creation of the NFL, the team would go by the name of the Morgan Athletic Club.

NBA: What Is the Oldest Team?

the sacramento kings

The oldest team in the National Basketball Association (NBA) is the Sacramento Kings. Like the NFL, the creation of teams that would be in the NBA would exist far before the league’s development. The Kings (just like the Cardinals) would be created before the development of the NBA.

The Western Conference team was founded in 1923 and would join the NBA in 1948. The Kings were a semi-professional team called the Seagrams located in Rochester, New York. The Seagrams would then go by the Royals, joining the NBA in the late 40s. In 1957, the Royals would leave Rochester, moving to Cincinnati and then Kansas City.

After a time of being called the Royals, the team would undergo a new beginning to Sacramento, becoming the Kings in 1985. Just like many other teams, its development would take time, evolving into something much bigger.

MLB: What Is the Oldest Team?

the atlanta braves

The oldest team in Major League Baseball (MLB) is the Atlanta Braves. The Braves were established in 1871 and entered into the MLB five years later in 1876. Just like many of the other teams on our list in the many different sports, the Braves would go through quite the journey.

The Braves started off as the Boston Red Stockings in 1871 before joining the league. In 1876, they would make history as one of eight charter teams in the National League. For almost eight decades, the team would stay in Boston. Just a year later in 1953, they moved to Milwaukee.

More importantly, the Red Stockings became the Braves. Way before moving to Milwaukee, the name change was already in the works. Thirteen years later, in 1966, the Braves would make one final stop to Atlanta, where they would establish themselves ever since.