Top 10 Best Sports Mascots

Top 10 Best Sports Mascots

For decades, mascots have been making every fan's sports memories better. There is nothing better than a person in a costume walking around and representing the team in many different and hilarious ways while interacting with the fans. Every mascot is unique to their team. Below are the top 10 mascots in all of professional sports.

Who are the Best Sports Mascots of All Time?

  1. Benny The Bull
  2. Mr. Met
  3. Go The Gorilla
  4. Phillie Phanatic
  5. Youppi
  6. Jaxson De Ville
  7. Dinger
  8. Gritty
  9. Wally The Green Monster
  10. Stuff

1. Benny The Bull - Chicago Bulls

Benny The Bull is the mascot for the Chicago Bulls. He was the first NBA mascot, making his debut in 1969. He roams around Bulls games interacting with fans and trying to distract the opposing team to his best ability. Benny is often seen dunking and doing tricks with a basketball at halftime. He is the most followed mascot on TikTok, with a whopping 3.3 million followers. He also has his own podcast called Between Two Horns. It is estimated that the person playing Benny makes around $200,000 per year. The 1980s and 1990s consisted of Michael Jordan and the Bulls dominating the hardwood. Benny The Bull became an icon during this time. He is easily recognized as the Bulls’ mascot.

2. Mr. Met - New York Mets

Mr. Met is the mascot for the New York Mets. He was not only the first mascot in the MLB but he is regarded as the first mascot in sports history. He first appeared in 1963. Nowadays, Mr. Met can be found wandering around Citi Field, making Mets fans smile and helping them stay engaged in the game. There is nothing particularly special about his shape. It’s hard to represent the Mets as a mascot, but that doesn’t stop him from being one of the most iconic mascots in baseball. Mr. Met is also a proud member of the Mascot Hall of Fame.

3. Go The Gorilla - Phoenix Suns

Go the Gorilla is the mascot for the Phoenix Suns. He made his first appearance for the Suns in 1980. He is easily one of the most entertaining mascots in all of sports. Go is known for his outstanding humor and crazy dunks at the end of every third quarter. He even ran all of the Suns’ stadium stairs to the Rocky theme song. ESPN has referred to him as “the Michael Jordan of Mascots.”

4. Phillie Phanatic - Philadelphia Phillies

Phillie Phanatic is the mascot for the Philadelphia Phillies. He's one of the best mascots who represent their team as a whole. He is a big, green, fluffy monster who walks around Citizens Bank Park and makes the gameday experience better for all fans. The Phillie Phanatic first appeared in 1978. He was a surprise addition and randomly appeared without any notice. There is no answer for what the Phillie Phanatic is, but that is why he is such a great mascot.

5. Youppi - Monreal Canadiens

Youppi is the mascot for the Montreal Canadiens. He was also the mascot for the Montreal Expos before they became the Washington Nationals. Youppi is the first and only mascot to be the mascot for an NHL team and an MLB team. He is a member of the Mascot Hall of Fame. He first became the Expos mascot in 1978, but, once they left in 2005, he became the Canadiens’ first official mascot in 96 years. He is also known for being the only mascot to ever get ejected from a game.

6. Jaxson De Ville - Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaxson De Ville is the mascot for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is known for his crazy stunts and fun humor. Jaxson has been known to bungee jump and zipline into the stadium as his entrance to games. In 2009, he got stuck on a zipline and had to be saved by a crew after he was stuck hanging for over three minutes. Jaxson has been in all kinds of crazy trouble, and that is what makes him such a great mascot. He is willing to do whatever it takes in order to entertain the fans in unique ways.

7. Dinger - Colorado Rockies

Dinger is the mascot for the Colorado Rockies. He is a purple triceratops and one of the coolest-looking mascots in all of sports. The name Dinger refers to a home run in baseball. There are a ton of home runs hit in the Rockies’ stadium due to the high elevation. The Rockies chose a mascot because a triceratops fossil was found during the construction of Coors Field. He can usually be found dancing behind home plate when the Rockies are at bat in late innings, trying to distract the opposing pitcher. Dinger makes it his first priority to serve the elementary schools in the Colorado area.

8. Gritty - Philadelphia Flyers

Gritty is the mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers. He is the newest mascot on this list, making his debut in 2018. It is unclear exactly what Gritty is, but that is what makes him so special. He immediately started a feud with the Pittsburgh Penguins’ mascot on Twitter. Many consider him the hockey version of the Phillie Phanatic. He does a lot for the kids of Philadelphia and has even appeared on WWE. He perfectly matches the Flyers’ atmosphere, which is why he is on this list.

9. Wally The Green Monster - Boston Red Sox

Wally The Green Monster is the mascot for the Boston Red Sox. He represents the giant green wall in the left field of Fenway Park, also known as the Green Monster. Wally mainly gained popularity because broadcaster Jerry Remy told stories about him and made up his character. He debuted before the 1997 season. Wally was very popular with the children, but many older fans were not fond of him. This has since changed, and Wally is a perfect mascot for the most historic ballpark in baseball.

10. Stuff - Orlando Magic

Stuff is the mascot for the Orlando Magic. He is arguably the most creative mascot on this list. Stuff made his debut with the team in 1989. He won the Mascot of the Year award in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Stuff accompanied Aaron Gordon in the iconic 2016 Slam Dunk Contest. He can be found wandering around Magic home games, trying his best to make fans laugh. Stuff is known to ride his hoverboard around the stadium and perform insane stunts.

Honorable Mentions

  • Blooper - Atlanta Braves
  • Blue - Indianapolis Colts
  • Iceburgh - Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Burnie - Miami Heat
  • Raymond - Tampa Bay Rays
  • Thunderbug - Tampa Bay Lighting
  • Lucky - Boston Celtics
  • Hugo The Hornet - Charlotte Hornets
  • Rumble - Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Racing Presidents - Washington Nationals
  • Racing Sausages - Milwaukee Brewers


What is the best sports team mascot?

The best sports team mascot is Benny The Bull. He is the mascot for the Chicago Bulls. Benny made his debut in 1969 and is the first mascot in NBA history. He is huge on social media and really knows how to interact with the fans. Benny was a part of the Bulls’ run with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in the 1990s.

What was the first sports mascot?

The original sports team Mascot is Mr. Met. He is the Mascot for the New York Mets. He debuted in 1963 and has been their mascot ever since. He represents not only the Mets but also the sport of baseball as a whole. He is a historic part of a historic sport.