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Sports Strategy and Tactics

sports strategy

Sports strategy includes the methods and tactics that players, teams, and coaches use to win a game. With universal access to statistics and game footage, coaches can analyze the competition and devise specific strategies against each opponent. There are lots of strategies coaches and players can use in games. A good strategy can give you the competitive edge and can increase the chances for your team to win. Strategies can range from which players play in which positions to using a surprise play in the middle of a game.

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Top 5 Baseball Coaching Mistakesbatting orderdouble switchforce playhidden ball trickpick offrotationrundownshiftingstancestrategy


1-2-2 zone1-3-1 half court press1-3-1 zone2 on 12-1-2 zone2-2-1 press2-2-1 zone2-3 zone3 on 23-2 zone4 on 34 on 44 point play5 on 4away screenback cutback pickbackdoorbackdoor cutball movementball reversalball screensbasketball zone formationbench pointsbox and 1box outcallscharging foulcherry pickingclock managementcoaching and benching playerscoaching defensecombination defensecorner trapcurl cutcutsdecoy movedefensedefensive rebounddefensive rotationdeflectionsdiamond and onediamond pressdouble doubledouble post offensedouble teamdouble-downdown screendrawing foulsdribblingentry passfade cutfeedingfeintsflare cutsflashing cutflex offenseformationsfour corner offensefour point playfront cutfull court pressgadget defensegive and gohalf court presshalf court traphammer playhand signalshedgehigh and low post offenseice a playerinside offenseisolation playskicked balll-cutlineupman pressman to manmatchup zonemismatchmotion offenseoff ball screenoffenseoffensive reboundone pass awaypass and screen awaypass typespassing lanepick and rollpicking up your dribblepickspivotingpoint zonepop cutpost upspower dribblepresspress breakpull back crossover dribblepump fakereach around passrear cutrejectionrotation defenserotationsscreenssecondary breakset playsshadowshuffle offensespacingstallingstrategystrong sidesuttering dribbleswitchtempotransitiontrap presstrapstriangle and two defensetriangle offensetriple-doubleup topv cutweak sidex-y-z half-court pressx-y-z zonezone defensezone offensezone press

Beach Volleyball

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splitstancesstrategiesstyles and techniques


punch types

American Football

2 point conversion2-point stance3-3 defense3-4 defense3-4 eagle defense3-4 front defense3rd down conversion4-3 defense4-3 defense4-3 front defense4-4 defense5-2 defense5-3 defense5-4 defense5-yard hitch6-2 defense6-3 defense7-2 defenseampa two defenseaudiblesbaitingbang bang playblitzbombbootlegbubble screenbump and runchoosing windcomeback pass patterncorner blitzcover four defensecover one defensecover three defensecover two defensecoverage typesdallas 4-3 defensedefensive alignmentdeferdime defensedouble teamdouble wing formationfair catchfootball 46 defensefootball onside kicksforced fumbleformations listfour across defensefourth down strategiesfull house backfieldfumblegaingoal line defenseground gamehidden ball trickhuddleshurry up offensei formationicing the kickerinterceptionsintersection pointisolationlong snapman on man blockingman to man coveragemiddle field goal blockmuffednickel 40 defenseoffensive driveoffensive formationsoffset i formationone on one pass rushopening kickoffoption playover under 4-3 defenseoverloaded defensepass coveragepass defensepassing gamepassing progressionspassing readspick sixpistol formationplacekickingplayspower offensepress coveragepressure defensepro set formationpullingpuntsroll outrun and shoot offenserunning gamerunning lanesrushingsackssafety kickschemescrimmage kickshort yardage situationshotgun formationsingle wing formationsnapsplit back formationspread offensespread punt formationstemming aroundstrategiesstrong sidetakeawaytwo gap stylewest coast offensewildcat formationwishbone offensezone blockzone defense