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Sports Rules and Regulations

sports rules and regulations

Rules and regulations provide the blueprint of the sport. Rules create a balanced and fair competition between teams and players. Rules and regulations are enforced by officials and referees. The governing bodies and leagues of the sports define the rules and what is allowed. Rules and regulations are important because they keep players safe and provide a level playing field. For example, the icing rule was added to NHL Ice Hockey after clever players found that hitting the puck to the other side of the ice wasted crucial time. You can find the rules of a sport in a published rulebook. Learning the rules to a sport is key to understanding the sport as a player, coach, or spectator.

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appealautomatic strikebalkbase runningbatter runnerbattingbuntcountdead balldesignated hitterdisabled listejectionextra inningfair ballfightforfeitfoul ballfoul tipground ballground rule doublehomerunhow does scoring work in baseball?infield flyinninginterferenceoutoverthrowpenaltypinch hitterpinch runnerpitching rulesrain delayreplayrosterrulesrules of baseballrunrundownslidestealstrikestrike zonesubstitutiontag outtag uptimeouttop 10 ruleswalkwhat is a ballwild pitch


1 and 11 on 110-second violation1st half2 on 22 pointer24 second violation2nd half3 on 33 pointer3-second violation5 on 55-second violation8-second violationHow Does Scoring Work In Basketball?Top 10 Youth Basketball Rulesair pressurealternating possessionand onearound the worldaway teamback court violationbasket interferencebasketball pushing rulesblocking foulblocksbonusbox scorecap spacecarrycenter tosschargeclockscollege rule differencescontactdefensive foulsdeflectionsdouble bonusdouble dribbledrawing foulsfield goalsflagrant foulsflopfoul outfoul shotsfoul troublefoulingfoulsfree throwgame lengthgame structuregoaltendinggrandstand callhackinghalf court gamehalftimehand checksheld ballholdinghome teamhorse rulesillegal defenseillegal screenillegal use of handsintentional foulsjersey rulesjump ballkicked ballknockoutlane violationlist of ruleslive ball vs. dead ballloose ball foulminutesnba clear waivernba vs. international rulesnonshooting fouloffensive foulsone and doneoriginal rulesout of boundsover and backover the back foulover the limitovertimepassingpenalty situationperiodspersonal foulspickup gameplayer control foulpointspossessionquartersreach in foulrim heightroster sizerulesrulessalary capscorebookshooting foulsshot clockshot clock violationskunk rulestealssubstitutionsteam fouling outteam foulstechnical foulsthrow instimeoutstip-intop 10 wheelchair basketball rulestraveling rulesturnoversunintentional foulsunsportsmanlike foulviolationswaiving a playerwalkingwinners

Beach Volleyball

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Bull Riding


Fantasy Football

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Field Hockey

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Figure Skating

rulesscoring rules


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American Football

1st half2 minute warning25-second play clock2nd half3 and out3rd down conversion40 second play clock5 yard bump ruleagainst the windaway teamsbackward pass rulesbowl gamesbreak the planecatching ruleschallenge flagchop blocksclippingclock managementcoffin cornercoin tosscollege overtime rulesdefensedelay of gamedelay of gamedisqualificationdouble fakedouble fouldouble teamdown and distancedown by contactdown systemdowned player ruleseligibility ruleseligible receiver rulesencroachmentend zone rulesextra pointfacemasksfair catchfair catch interferencefalse startfield goalsfootball onside kicksforward pass rulesforward progress rulesgame clockgame structurehalftimehalftime showhalftime speechholdinghome teamshorse collarhow does scoring work in football?illegal batsillegal blindside blocksillegal block above the waistillegal contactillegal crackbackillegal cutillegal formationillegal forward passillegal foward handoffillegal kick kicking loose ballillegal motionillegal peel backillegal shiftillegal substitutionillegal touch kickillegal touch passillegal use of handsillegal wedgeincomplete forward passineligibile downfield kickineligible downfield passineligible receiver downfieldinstant replayintentional groundinginterferenceinvalid fair catch signaljersey numbers listkick catch interferencekicking teamkickoff delaykickoff out of boundsleapingleveragelive balllosing teamlossloss of downloss of yardslow blockmissed field goalneutral zone infractionnfl collective bargaining agreementnfl draftnfl draft picksnfl overtime rulesnfl playoff rulesnfl team rosternfl waiversobscure college football ruleoffenseoffensive holdingoffensive offsideoffensive pass interferenceoffensive too many men on fieldoffsideoffsideoffsides on free kickopening kickoffovertimepasspass interferencepatpenaltiespenalties chartpenaltyperiodpersonal foulpiling onplacekickingplay clockplayer out of bounds on kickplayoff systempossessionpossession changespuntspushing rulesquarterquick guideregulationreturningrooney ruleroughing the holderroughing the kickerroughing the passerrulesrulesrules of footballrunning into the kickersafetysafety kicksalariessalary capscrimmage downsscrimmage kicksubstitutionsummarysuper bowl commercialssuper bowl rulestackling rulestauntingteam roster rulestimeoutstoo many mentop 10 rulestouchbackstouchdown returntouchdownstouchdownstriestrippingturnoveruncommon football rulesunnecessary roughnessunsportsmanlike conductuse of helmetvisiting teamwinning team

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