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Sports Officials and Referees

sports officials and referees

Sports officials and referees serve many purposes during a game and on the field. Officials play the role of peacekeeper, rule-enforcer, and timekeeper. In games, you can see referees up close and in the action just like the players. In a baseball game, the Head Umpire stands behind the batter calling the strike zone. In soccer games, referees run up and down the field with players.

Different sports have ranging numbers of officials who each have a variety of roles. In some sports such as gymnastics, figure skating, and synchronized swimming, officials give scores for difficulty, execution, and style. In soccer and basketball referees call fouls and keep an eye on the clock during the game. An important job of officials is to communicate with both teams and call a game fairly. Referees and officials are required to get certifications for the youth sports level and may be required to go through years of schooling and training for collegiate and professional levels.

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