Ncaa Division 1

NCAA Division I

What does NCAA Division 1 mean?

This is the highest level of collegiate sports that is overseen by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Division I schools have the highest athletic budgets and the most advanced facilities as well as having the highest number of athletic scholarships out of all the collegiate divisions. The schools in Division I must have seven sports for both men and women including two team sports for each men and women. Student athletes in Division I are held to the highest academic standard of all the divisions of collegiate sports. Division 1 has three subdivisions that are exclusively for football. They are split into the FCS, which participates in bowl games as their postseason, FBS, which has a bracket-like playoff, and a third subdivision that does not sponsor football.

How many colleges are in the NCAA Division 1?

There are 347 Division 1 schools that span from smaller private institutions to large universities across the country. These universities generate the most revenue out of the rest of the schools in the NCAA. In the highest subdivision of Division 1, known as the FBS, there are ten conferences that house over 130 schools. Some of these conferences include the Atlantic Coastal Conference (ACC), Southeastern Conference (SEC), Big 10, Big 12, and the Pac 12. Many of the colleges in Division 1 offer full scholarships for football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and gymnastics while partial scholarships can be offered for other sports. Even though there are many colleges in Division 1, the NCAA's division 3 houses the most schools in it.

How many athletes are in the NCAA Division 1?

There are more than 6,000 sports teams throughout Division 1 athletics that contain more than 170,000 student athletes. There are about 10,500 high school baseball athletes that move onto play Division 1 baseball. Around 27,000 high school football players move onto play for a Division one team and about 5,000 high school athletes move onto play in Division 1. Division III contains the highest percentage of male high school athletes that play in college with 29% or 1.3 million athletes but Division I is not far behind. Division I schools contain 25% of all male high school athletes or 1.1 million athletes. There is a small increase in the percentage of high school women athletes that play in division one with 27% being on a division I team.

What are the divisions in the NCAA?

In the NCAA there are three divisions known as Division I, Division II, and Division III. They are all unique in that they all have different schools and finances in them. Division III contains the most amount of schools followed by division I and then division II. Division II is almost like the forgotten division since most athletes strive to make teams within the other two divisions. Division I contains the most available scholarships followed by division II. NCAA's division III schools do not offer scholarships for their students but try to help them focus more on building their potential off their sporting field.