List of Sports Skills

List of Sports Skills

There are many different skills you need to play any one particular sport. Each sport has skills in common but they are all also unique. The list below will show you what skills you need to develop in order to be good at a specific sport.

List of Football Skills


Throwing the ball is very important to the game of football. It is one of the means of playing offense. Being able to throw both long and short is essential to success. It helps you move the ball towards the end zone when running plays are not working.


It is hard to play football if you cannot catch. This is important for every position on the field. Quarterbacks must catch the snap, running backs and wide receivers must catch on pass plays, and defenders must catch in order to get an interception.


Kicking the ball may seem like one of the more unimportant aspects of football but teams rely on their kicking team to be very good at their job. You must be able to to kick the ball deep on kickoffs and accurately make field goals from a variety of distances. Punts are also a kick and are usually specialized to a single player.


It is important that you learn how to tackle correctly. This is because you want to stop the opponent from scoring as well as not getting yourself injured. Tackling is mainly accomplished with the arms and shoulders.


It is important to block so you can assist your teammates with moving the ball up the field. Make sure not to hold and keep the defender in front of you so he cannot get by you. There are two main types of blocking; run blocking and pass blocking.


This skill is involved throughout the game, most specifically with running backs. In order to score and make tackles, you need to be able to run for extended periods of time. Increasing your stamina is also a good idea.


Scoring becomes much easier when you are able to juke. A juke is a move where you make the defender unable to tackle you by faking one direction and actually going the other way.


Another move in order to get defenders out of your way is the spin move. This helps you become “slippery” and it makes it hard for players to grab onto you. This can also be used by defensive lineman trying to evade players on offense.


This skill can be helpful when trying to escape defenders or any other obstacle on the field. Mainly used by ball carriers, a hurdle is successful when a defender is attempting to make a low tackle.


This skill is essential in two ways. Diving is useful when attempting to gain extra yards or score a touchdown. Sliding is important as a QB when trying not to get injured while running with the ball.

List of Basketball Skills


The entire point of basketball is to get the ball in the hoop, which requires accurate shooting. Practice this skill from all areas of the court to make sure you can make a shot at all times.


This skill is important for defenders. It is meaningful because it stops the opponent from making a pass or basket, helping your team have the opportunity to get more points and a bigger lead.


In order to score you have to outsmart the defense. Handles like a crossover and between the legs can confuse the opponent and allow you to get a wide open shot.


You are almost always running during a basketball game. You must do this in order to get open for a shot or go to the other side of the court and either score or defend.


This skill is very good to have because you cannot be the only person on the team who scores. This is why you have to be good at passing the ball to teammates who also can shoot. Being accurate is important because there are many tight spaces on the court.

List of Soccer Skills


The soccer field is so big that you must run to make your way around. It is important to outrun your opponent when you have the ball in order to get an open shot.


You must be good at all kinds of shots in order to play soccer, since the goal is to shoot the ball into the net. You can shoot high, low, and in many directions. You should be able to shoot with both feet.


This skill is important because you need to avoid turning the ball over to the opponent. Keep the ball close so that a defender cannot steal it or has to foul you in order to get the ball.


Tackling is what prevents most goals against your team. You can tackle anywhere on the field but make sure to win the ball or you will be penalized. You can either slide tackle or tackle while standing up, using your foot to steal the ball.


Passing might be the most important skill in soccer because all positions must be good at it. Since the field is so big, you must be able to pass long and short in order to reach teammates.


You can save the ball with your legs and arms as a goalie. It is important to know where the ball is being kicked so you can reach it before it goes in the net.