List of Animal Sports A-Z

List of Animal Sports A Z

There are many sports, both recreational and professional, that depend on animals as a key member of the sport. These sports take even more specific precautions and regulations to make sure that both the athlete and the animal are safe. Below is a list of sports that include animals in competition.

What sports have animals in them?

Dog Sports

  • Bikejoring: A biking sport where cyclists ride on trails with one to two dogs pulling in front.
  • Dog Agility: A handler will lead a dog through an obstacle course, trying to complete all the obstacles perfectly and quickly.
  • Dogsled Racing: A racing sport where a sled is pulled by a team of dogs on a track, most often done in the snow.

Horse Sports

  • Bareback Bronc Riding: A rodeo sport where riders try to stay on the back of a bucking horse with no saddle.
  • Barrel Racing: A rodeo sport where horseback riders attempt to race patterns around barrels in an arena as quickly as possible.
  • Calf Roping: A rodeo sport where a horseback rider attempts to rope a running calf and tie them as fast as possible.
  • Goat Tying: A rodeo event where a horseback rider chases, ropes, and ties a goat as quickly as possible.
  • Harness Racing: A sport where two horses pull a cart called a sulky around a track trying to finish a race first.
  • Horse Pulling: A sport where two harnessed horses pull a weighted sled behind them; the team that pulls the most weight wins.
  • Jousting: A medieval-based sport where two horseback riders race at one another with lances, aiming to knock one another off their horses.
  • Rodeo: A sport that includes several events such as bull riding, roping, and barrel racing.
  • Roping: A rodeo sport where athletes on horseback attempt to rope and tie cattle or sheep.
  • Saddle Bronc Riding: A rodeo sport where athletes ride horses and attempt to stay on as long as possible while they buck.
  • Steer Wrestling: A rodeo sport where horse back riders rope, wrestle, and tie cattle or steers as quickly as possible.

Bull Sports

  • Bull Riding: A rodeo sport where riders attempt to stay atop a bucking bull for a certain length of time.
  • Chilean Rodeo: A team of two horseback riders will ride around an arena in an attempt to slow and pin a calf as fast as possible.
  • Miniature Bull Riding: A rodeo sport where kids ride small bulls, attempting to stay on as long as possible.

Niche Animal Sports

  • Camel Racing: A sport similar to horseracing where riders race camels around a track, trying to finish fastest.
  • Elephant Polo: A sport similar to horse polo where players ride elephants while trying to score goals with a polo mallet.
  • Falconry: A hunting sport where a trained falcon hunts animals in their natural habitat such as squirrels, rabbits, and birds.
  • Yak Polo: A sport similar to horse polo where athletes ride yaks and attempt to score goals with a mallet.

Discontinued Animal Sports

The sports listed below have been made illegal or have been criticized for the inhumane treatment of animals:

  • Bull Fighting
  • Buzkashi
  • Rooster Fighting
  • Dog/Greyhound Racing
  • Ferret Legging
  • Rejoneo
  • Toros Coleados