List of Air Sports A-Z

While many sports occur on a field, court, or track, there is a category of sports that require either the athlete or the equipment to be airborne. Some of these sports bring an extra level of danger because of the height above the ground at which they occur. Read below to learn about all the sports that can be considered air sports.

Air Sports List A To Z

Aerial SilksA performance done hanging from fabric attached to the ceiling that shows strength and flexibility.
AerobaticsA sport that consists of planes doing maneuvers and patterns mid-air.
AeromodelingAn activity that includes building and flying small model aircrafts.
Air RacingA sport that includes airplanes racing on specific courses trying to achieve the fastest time.
BallooningAn activity of flying in a hot air balloon either recreationally or competitively.
Banzai SkydivingA sport where skydivers will throw their parachute from the plane first and then jump to catch up with it before deploying it.
Base JumpingA sport where athletes jump from fixed objects, and use a parachute to get to the ground safely.
Bungee JumpingA sport that involves jumping from a high surface attached to an elastic cord.
Canopy PilotingA category of sports that includes using a parachute.
Cliff DivingA sport that includes jumping from a high cliff either into water or with a parachute.
Cluster BallooningA sport where someone is harnessed into a cluster of balloons and travels while inflating and deflating the balloons.
Drone RacingA sport where participants control drones through predetermined courses, trying to finish the course the fastest.
Hang GlidingA sport that utilizes an air glider to soar through the air on air currents.
Hopper BallooningA sport similar to hot air ballooning, but with a smaller balloon and a hanging seat instead of a basket.
HydroflyingA sport that uses water jet propulsion to fly a person above the surface of a body of water.
Kite FightingA sport that includes flying kites with the aim of cutting down others' kites with the sharp point of your own kite.
Kite FlyingA sport that involves flying a kite propelled by natural wind.
ParachutingA sport that includes jumping from a high surface and traveling to the ground with the help of a parachute.
ParaglidingA sport where someone hangs in a harness below a parachute and glides above the ground.
ParamotoringA sport similar to paragliding, but that uses a motor for propulsion rather than natural wind patterns.
SkydivingA sport where people jump from airplanes high above the ground and fall before deploying a parachute to land safely.
SkysurfingA type of skydiving where the athlete is strapped into a board (similar to a snowboard) and does tricks while falling through the air.
Wingsuit FlyingA sport that includes jumping from a tall height and "flying" using a wingsuit that expands the body surface.