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List of Kids Sports

Whether you're a kid yourself interested in joining a sport, or a concerned parent trying to figure out the best activity for your child, there is definitely a lot to learn.

Table of Contents

Kids Sports List

Here is a list of the sports that are great for kids and what your kid can expect to learn from them:

  1. Archery
  2. Baseball
  3. Basketball
  4. Cheerleading
  5. Dance
  6. Equine Sports
  7. Field Hockey
  8. Football
  9. Golf
  10. Gymnastics
  11. Ice Hockey
  12. Karate
  13. Lacrosse
  14. Rowing
  15. Snowboarding
  16. Soccer
  17. Surfing
  18. Swimming And Diving
  19. Table Tennis
  20. Tennis
  21. Track And Field
  22. Volleyball

American Gridiron Football


Football is another sport that children start at a young age. It enhances your ability to throw, catch, kick and run. Since there are so many different positions on a football team, there is definitely a position for every child.



Archery is an uncommon sport but a very interesting activity. Archery clubs are very popular in middle schools and high schools where you get taught the proper way to shoot a bow and arrow. Even if there isn't a team available near you, joining an archery club will help you steady your hand, improve your aim and better your hand-eye coordination. This is an interesting skill to master and is quite the conversation starter.



It's not unexpected for every kid to try baseball or softball at least once when they're young, and it's for good reason. Baseball is a team sport and helps build a sense of community, team spirit, strength, and endurance. Have your kid try baseball and see if they find a passion for it. Baseball is a great way to build friendships and confidence.



Basketball is a team sport that challenges one's competitiveness and cardiovascular strength. If you're looking for your child to be involved in a team sport, this is definitely one to consider. Playing basketball is also a great idea for kids who constantly make their own makeshift hoops at home, whether it be through a laundry basket or bucket.



Cheerleading is the best way to show your school spirit or team spirit! Starting up cheerleading as a child can open many opportunities for performing and gymnastics in the future. Cheering is a positive, upbeat sport that teaches support and encouragement.



Are your kids constantly dancing around your house? If so, why not have them dance with other kids who love to dance? Dancing is a great way for kids to fall in love with performing, increase their flexibility, and challenge themselves to memorize a routine. Joining a dance class or dance troupe is a great way to work on stage fright and work toward an end goal like a recital.



Are you interested in getting on horseback and learning how to ride? Signing up for equestrian sports is often overlooked, but very rewarding. This is the perfect sport for young animal lovers. Caring and maintaining a horse is a great learning experience for a child, but it also teaches compassion and care.

Field Hockey

Field Hockey

Field hockey is a challenging sport and isn't always thought of when it comes to kids' sports. However, field hockey strengthens hand-eye coordination, agility and balance, and is the perfect sport for hockey lovers who don't want to be on the ice.



If your kids love mini golf, consider taking them out to the big range and introducing them to golf. Golf teaches calmness and patience, and takes a lot of mental strength when actually playing. This sport requires a lot of practice and is a great way for kids to master a steady hand.



Gymnastics includes tumbling, strength training, balance and self-discipline. This sport requires a lot of dedication and is perfect for kids who always seem to be jumping and flipping around. This way they can learn how to be gymnasts safely while burning off that energy.

Ice Hockey

ice hockey

On the other hand, why not try ice hockey? If you've always wanted to learn how to skate, here's your excuse. There are always beginners on the ice and joining an ice hockey team will get you more comfortable with skating! Hockey games are always fast-paced, so joining a team would be a great team sport and for a good workout.



Karate is a very popular sport for children to begin at a young age. It teaches self-defense, discipline and respect. This particular sport allows children to be constantly striving for their best in terms of earning more belts, so if you're interested in having your kids adopt a great habit of dedication and persistence, signing up for karate is a great idea.



Lacrosse is one of the most interesting sports to watch and play! This sport is perfect for young boys and girls and builds excellent arm and leg strength. Lacrosse increases endurance, agility, and is perfect for kids who love to run.



Rowing requires a lot of training and dedication, so if you're interested in finding something to dedicate and commit yourself to, rowing may be the sport. Rowing can transform your body and also teach a young child about hard work and commitment. Rowing is a team sport, so you'd naturally meet and get close with a number of your teammates.



If your kids love the snow, try exposing them to snowboarding. Some places offer lessons to kids who want to learn the proper form of snowboarding (or even skiing). This is the perfect sport for kids who are determined to master a skill. Snowboarding allows you to meet fellow snowboarders who share the same passion, and you'll always have someone to practice with!

Soccer (Association Football)


Similar to basketball, soccer is a team sport that gets your kids outside kicking up dirt- literally. If your kids love to be outside, this is definitely a sport to consider. Soccer not only builds strength, but it also builds endurance and can be played year round. Soccer is always exciting to watch and is great for all ages and levels.



If your kids practically live in the water, consider signing them up to learn surfing. Similar to swimming and diving, surfing takes mental and physical strength, dedication and is an interesting sport to try. Teaching a child how to surf would allow them to become more comfortable in the water and build enough confidence to start chasing after waves.



Who knew that a summertime activity could be done year round? If your kids love to swim, try signing them up for a swim team. Swimming is one of the best exercises around and feels more like an activity than a sport. If you're ready to start racing against others or want to become a better swimmer, consider joining a swim or dive team.

Table Tennis

table tennis

Table tennis is a great sport for kids of all ages because it is very safe and fun. It can be played indoors and outdoors wherever there is a table. It is also a sport that kids can grow into and play competitively as they get older. If you're looking for an easy sport to keep your kid occupied, table tennis is perfect!


Learn Tennis

There's nothing like watching Wimbledon on your TV, but what about joining a team yourself? What's great about tennis is you will always be playing with a friend. Grab a friend and go practice on the court before joining a team. Tennis improves hand-eye coordination, agility and is a great stress-reliever.

Learn more:

Track and Field

track and field

Are you a fast runner? Try joining the track team. Track teams are very popular at the middle school and high school levels. You'll find a love for running and building up your stamina. Running track takes discipline, mental and physical strength and dedication. It's a great way to burn off excess energy in a positive way.


Beach Volleyball

Volleyball is a fun summer activity, so why not turn it into your new favorite sport? You can start playing volleyball at any age and is played year round, inside or outside. Volleyball teaches teamwork and great communication skills.


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