The sport of kickball is a fun, recreational game that is gaining traction across parks all over the world. In the United States, kickball is played by people of all ages from kids to adults that form social leagues. It's similar to baseball and softball in that a field is required and the basic structure of the game is made up of innings. Kickball is a team sport played with eight (8) to twelve (12) players depending on the level of play and league that switch off between fielding (on defense) and kicking (on offense). The purpose of the game is to score more runs by having kickers kick pitches and advance around the bases. Learn more about the sport of kickball by choosing a tutorial below.

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Learn Kickball

Learn kickball with a set of tutorials crafted for beginners and intermediates. Get ready to learn the rules, how to play, scoring, shot types, and much more with kickball basics.

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