How Does Sports Betting Work?

how does sports betting work

Sports betting is gambling that involves placing bets on sporting events to win a certain amount if the team or player betted on wins the event.

When betting on a team or player, there is always a high risk of losing your bet. Sports betting has been a highly popular form of gambling and entertainment from the beginning of professional sports. Bets can be put on almost any sport, with different types of sport betting systems in place. Most popularly, sports betting is done online through different gambling websites. To be able to place bets on sports, one must follow the state gambling rules that they reside in. Every state has their own legal gambling age which ranges from 18 to 21 across the United States. Not all states have sports gambling legalized, which makes it important to check with your state legislature before considering gambling.

Types of Sports Betting

There are many different types of sports bettings. The most basic form of betting is called straight betting. This is common in football and basketball. In this type of betting, a betting line is set and the bettors can choose to bet on the favorite team or the underdog team in the match. Depending on who the bet is placed on, in order to win the favorite needs to win the game by more than the setpoint, or the underdog needs to win.

The next type of sports betting is total-line bets. Through this type of betting, a specific number is set as the outcome score of both teams combined. Bettors then bet on what the actual score will be whether it is higher or lower than the set one. The winning bettors are the ones with accurate predictions of the score. It is also possible to bet for total lines halfway through the game and then for the final score.

Money line betting is the last of the most popular types of sports betting. Money line bets are placed for a specific team or player to win a game. There is still a favorite and an underdog team, and your risk is around however much the set price is to vote for the favorite. This type of betting is primarily used for all major sports.

Placing Sports Bets

Sports betting is most commonly done online through many different gambling websites. Currently, there are 17 states in the United States that have legalized sports gambling. Las Vegas was the home of sports betting, but since then has spread across the United States. In some states, there are even mobile betting apps that allow you to bet on your phone, making it easy to participate and add bets during games. Betting in person is a difficult process and works via a ticket system. This is no longer a popular system since the rise of online gambling and its ease. You don't even need to be at the game to place bets for it. Bettors can watch from their homes and have high bets taking place online.


What is the best betting site for sports?

The best and most popular site for sports betting is DraftKings Sportsbook. DraftKings offers an online website and mobile app for individuals residing in the states that it is legal to bet on sports in. Draftkings is currently available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, and Illinois. There is also word of the website expanding to other states as well in the near future, like Missouri, Texas, Florida, and Ohio.

Is online sports betting illegal in the United States?

It is legal to bet on sports online in some places in the United States. Currently, not all states in the United States have sports gambling legalized. The states which do are Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Iowa, Indiana, and West Virginia. In these states, betting on sports online is available and even possible to do on mobile sports betting applications.

What does +4.5 mean in sports betting?

In sports betting, +4.5 is the number that the favorite team is set to win by. This is the number of points that the team is favored over the underdog team. When betting for the favorite team, the team must win the game with a score of higher at 4.5 points. If betting for the underdog, the team must either just win the game, or not lose by more than 4.5 points.

What do the odds of +200 mean?

The odds of +200 reflect on the bet minimum depending on which team you are betting for. The +200 is the amount a bettor could win if they were to be $100, making a profit of $200 with a total outcome of $300. If voting for the underdog team or player, the +200 is the amount a bettor will win if they bet $100. If betting on the favorite team, the better must bet at least $100.